Request for Qualifications

HistoriCorps, a national organization that saves and sustains historic places for public benefit through partnerships that foster public involvement, engage volunteers, and provide training and education, is seeking to develop a consulting relationship with an engineer or engineering firm that has well-documented and demonstrated experience with historic structures.

HistoriCorps’ overarching purpose is to engage volunteers, students, youth and military veterans in the preservation of historic structures, delivering multiple benefits to our preservation partners, introducing citizens to our public lands and turning them into lifelong stewards of, and advocates for, our public lands and historic and cultural resources.  We believe that historic preservation, at its core, is maintenance and repair, and we approach each and every project from this perspective.

HistoriCorps seeks a consulting engineer partner who identifies with this ethic, these practicing principles and values.  We seek a consulting partner who is familiar with historic building systems, particularly wood, heavy timber, and log technology, as well as traditional masonry, and shares an interest in preserving the integrity of these systems, restoring and repairing as needed, and reconstructing and replacing in kind only when the repair option is deemed unfeasible.

We are increasingly called upon to offer a preservation alternative.  We assess existing conditions, recommend treatments, and provide cost estimates and prioritization of the work.  In offering alternatives, we sometimes have need for consultation with, and a review by, a consulting engineer to verify that this proposed preservation approach will deliver a quality product to the client, meeting their expectations and standards for the intended new (adaptive) use.

Please submit to a letter of interest, your qualifications, experience, consulting rates sheet, and references from owners of historic properties and historic preservation contractors, and at least one reference from a historic preservation official.


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