Townsend H. Anderson

Executive Director

(303) 893-4260  x235

Townsend “Towny” Anderson has nearly 40 years of experience with historic preservation. He has restored historic properties first as craftsman, then contractor, and later developer and owner. Two of his certified historic rehabilitation projects received National Trust Preservation Honor Awards. He has consulted on redevelopment of historic downtowns, including one ravaged by fires, and he served as Vermont’s first appointed State Historic Preservation Officer. Towny co-wrote the first statewide legislation encouraging reinvestment in downtowns.

In the last twelve years, he has been involved in community decision and policy making with a focus on historic preservation as a tool for economic development. He developed and tested programs for broader citizen engagement in community decision-making at The Orton Family Foundation and with his own company, Tipping Point Productions.

From July 2008 to September 2010, Towny served as Executive Director of Historic Routt County, a regional nonprofit preservation organization, where he introduced historic preservation to the Alpine Campus of CMC. Through this initiative he developed a partnership with Rocky Mountain Youth Corps, putting area youth to work on historic building restorations and laying the groundwork to offer college credits to future participants.

Towny spent the last year rebuilding the historic preservation program at CMC Leadville, including drafting redevelopment scenarios for the National Register listed Hayden Ranch.  This recent work with Historic Routt County and CMC got Towny excited about working with CPI and HistoriCorps.

“It is time for folks like me who have been around since the National Historic Preservation Act was first passed by Congress to impart our knowledge and lessons learned to the next generation of preservationists,” explained Towny. “We have an opportunity to teach and practice historic preservation differently than it has been done, making it more relevant and interesting to students, young working folks, and nonprofessionals. We know that nearly everyone who has an opportunity to work on a historic structure comes away with a different perspective and an appreciation for our heritage that informs their decisions and interests for the rest of their lives. This is the essence of HistoriCorps.”

Mr. Anderson served as a Director of the National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers and Chair of the Vermont Historic Preservation Advisory Council. He has also served on the National Board of the American Leadership Forum. He was an independent scholar, cum laude graduate of Middlebury College. He is a graduate of both the Preservation Leadership Training program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the American Leadership Forum.

He lives in Steamboat Springs, CO with his wife, Jodee, who makes a difference through coaching and teaching fiber arts to adults and children in the region. They have two adult children, a daughter, Paisley, living with her husband in Colorado Springs, and a son, Jennings, studying computer science engineering and math at Carroll College in Helena, MT. They are grandparents to a beautiful baby girl.


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