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Tales from Ernie & Friends

Tales from Ernie & Friends, Chapter 2. Ernie told me about this blog he wrote last week.  I read it and thought, huh, that's nothing compared to what I just went through.  I can top that! (I mean, what the hey, we’re trucks, right? like “Ford Tough”, and Dodge Ram "Domestic, Not Domesticated").  I’m Pierre. [...]

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Letter from Wyoming

Letter from Wyoming  By Scotty Campbell  I stepped inside and the wind stopped whipping my face. Suddenly the only sound I could hear was the draft moving through the open-slatted walls. Martha glanced around the interior. I could tell she found the barn a familiar space.  She was our archaeologist, working with the Bureau of Land Management. "This building," she said, "was used for shearing the sheep." She indicated the primitive machines [...]

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An Alaskan Journey

Jake Howe of Chester, VA, a current HistoriCorps Institute student, admits he’s not the typical candidate for extreme treks in Alaskan forests. After receiving an Associate’s degree at Richard Bland College, Jake recently transferred to Virginia Commonwealth University to pursue a degree in environmental studies. When one of his professors sent him information about HistoriCorps’ [...]

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A Triumph of the Spirit of the USDA Forest Service and HistoriCorps

HistoriCorps volunteers in 2014 helping to preserve the Fabyan Guard Station. In 2014, John Rossi and Natalie Henshaw led a crew of volunteers (including several veterans) in preserving the historic Fabyan Guard Station, built in 1923 and located in the White Mountain National Forest in northern New Hampshire. Regrettably, some time late winter [...]

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