Baehrden Lodge

baehrdenPreservation of the Baehrden Lodge

Sponsored by Jefferson County Open Space

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History:  Constructed in 1927 as summer retreat for William Baehr and his family, this 3,500 square foot lodge is an excellent example of high-style rustic architecture. Designed by J.J.B. Benedict, a prominent Denver architect, the building is an excellent example of high-style rustic architecture, and makes extensive use of native boulders, logs, and handmade ironwork. The lodge and 820 acres surrounding the site are now owned by Jefferson County Open Space as a public mountain park.

Scope of Work: The HistoriCorps team restored two gables on the southwest side of the building.  Volunteers learned to:

  • Remove all severely deteriorated logs and replace in-kind;
  • Repair daubing damaged by log replacement and natural weathering;
  • Repair and repoint stonework around ends of lintel logs, if damaged by log removal;
  • Install borate rods and apply sealant to replacement and historic logs to match existing gables;
  • Fourth session only:
    • Repoint the firebox of both fireplaces;
    • Examine the flues of both fireplaces for obstructions and other deficiencies;
    • Clean the stone faces of both fireplaces
Session 1: April 19th-21st
Session 2: April 25th-28th
Session 3: May 2nd-5th
Session 4: May 9th-12th

Location & Directions: The lodge is located at 30400 Crystal Lake Road, Pine, CO 80470.  From U.S. Highway 285 at Pine Junction, turn southeast onto Pine Valley Road (County Road 126).  Continue 5.8 miles toward the town of Pine.  Turn right on Crystal Lake Road.  Follow the signs for Pine Valley Ranch Park. Volunteers camped on site, right next to the lodge!

Additional Information:  The project was managed and supervised by two HistoriCorps instructors and was designed to optimize learning opportunities. Camping, tools, safety equipment, and delicious meals were provided by HistoriCorps.

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