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Tech students earn certificate through Clear Springs project

Just two weeks ago, our Clear Springs project saw its busiest day yet - one dozen volunteers took paintbrush, hammer, and wheelbarrow in hand to help restore the lakeside pavilion. What made it such a [...]

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HistoriCorps recognized by US Forest Service with Windows on the Past Award

Give yourselves a pat on the back, volunteers! HistoriCorps was recognized this month by the U.S. Forest Service with a Windows on the Past Award. Given in appreciation for the volunteers who so diligently spend [...]

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The progress of a project: Bobby Evans reports on the final session of Skinner Cabin

Monday, September 26 Monday morning meeting shiny happy people standing round. All parties are well pleased with the progress made. This week's crew from left to right. Natalie  Clark  BLM Archaeologist Jon Williams, field supervisor [...]

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The progress of a project: Bobby Evans reports on Skinner Cabin session 2

Bobby Evans is on-site at Skinner Cabin, right near his hometown of Fruita, CO. A long-time volunteer, Bobby graciously accepted the task of blogging and photographing the project from start to finish.  Here's his recap [...]

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