Join HistoriCorps Institute at Summerseat

HistoriCorps Institute is in full swing this season, and our field school is already attracting some great students and volunteers who will help restore the old courthouse in Virginia this August and September. To drum up extra enthusiasm for the project, press releases have been sent out around town and some local news sources have [...]

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Greer Mill volunteers savor good food and friendship

Volunteers just finished up two sessions at Greer Mill in Missouri. About a dozen total volunteers took hammers and drills in hand to stabilize the 130-year-old mill and rebuild the loading dock there. Although the crew battled rain and summer heat, and perhaps a few bumps in the road, Greer Mill work was nonetheless completed [...]

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Neosho Schoolhouse grabs media attention

The 1871 schoolhouse in Neosho, Missouri is famous partly because it's so old - it's 145! - but more so because it's where George Washington Carver (a famous scientist known for his experiments with peanuts) began his formal education from. A building that has gone through many lives (it was used as residential space after the school closed [...]

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HistoriCorps field staff training officially kicks off 2016 season

The new season has now begun, with ten projects either already completed or under way.  Although we had a few projects taking place in April and May (including Boettcher Mansion, Rourke Ranch, and Crescent Moon Cabin), the season doesn't officially begin until we have field staff training. That training took place May 21-28 and we had every [...]

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Military Times article features HistoriCorps

Every project we work on through HistoriCorps is unique and the volunteers who help out are amazing, each in his own way.  But certain projects are geared towards volunteers of a certain age or background, including a youth corps and a veteran corps. These projects take place throughout our regular season and are meant to [...]

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Desert Sun paper features Joshua Tree voting contest

Check out the article written for the Desert Sun, a California newspaper, last week: Writer Skip Descant featured the #voteyourpark contest in his June 1 article, encouraging readers to vote for Joshua Tree National Park so that HistoriCorps can "stabilize and rehabilitate the main house at Keys Ranch and address deterioration of the building’s [...]

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Ten things you didn’t know about Keys Ranch

HistoriCorps loves Keys Ranch! We want you to love it too, and VOTE for Joshua Tree National Park every day now through July 5 on Your vote means we're a step closer to winning the cash we need to restore the ranch to its former glory. Don't forget to "Submit your Vote" for your [...]

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