Clesson Cabin

Preservation of the Clesson Cabin – Alma, CO

Sponsored by Park County, the Town of Alma, and the Alma Foundationclesson

Project Completed in June of 2013. A BIG thanks to all our volunteers for your dedication and hard work!

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History:  The first individuals that came to Alma in the 1870’s were tenacious people with dreams of making a better life for themselves and their families. Built in 1871, the Clesson Cabin was one of the first permanent residences in Alma, reflecting the spirit of the town’s first settlers. The Clesson Cabin reflects this time and is significant as a surviving example of the type of buildings found in Alma during its early mining area. Most of its contemporaries did not survive the ravages of weather and fire. From the early 1900s, the building was home to the Clesson family, although the Clessons never owned the property. It was designated as a Park County Historic Landmark in 2005.

Scope of Work: Volunteers traveled from all over the country to preserve the exterior of the cabin, bringing it one step closer to becoming a visitor’s center for the Town of Alma. Volunteers learned to:

  • Chink, daub, and side the log and frame portions of the cabin;
  • Restore windows, doors, and frames.

Clesson_2012 (2) Dates: Session 1 – 6/10-6/14

Session 2 – 6/17-6/21

Lodging & Directions: To get there from Fairplay, drive 6 miles northwest to Alma on Highway 9. Clesson Cabin is on the left side of the highway (Main Street) as you enter town. Volunteers will be camping in a park area adjacent to the Alma Town Hall (see map here). There is a vault toilet in the park and volunteers are also welcome to use the bathroom facilities at the Town Hall. Volunteers will park at the Town Hall lot and walk to the job site from the camping area, an easy, short walk. There are two bars/restaurants, a coffee shop, and a small general store with groceries all within walking distance of the town hall.

Additional Information:  The project was managed and supervised by two HistoriCorps instructors and was designed to optimize learning opportunities. Camping, tools, safety equipment, and meals were provided by HistoriCorps. All crew members had to be physically capable of lifting, climbing, bending, and kneeling for sustained periods each day at high altitudes in variable weather; previous carpentry, roofing/shingling, maintenance, historic preservation, landscaping, and/or construction experience was helpful, but not required.

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