HistoriCorps Institute Registration for Students

Please contact Jamie Tobias,, for more information about HistoriCorps Institute.  HistoriCorps Institute™  is the education and training arm of HistoriCorps®, the nationally recognized leader in mobilizing citizens to save and protect places that matter. Through our Program in Heritage Conservation and Construction, students learn the decision making and time honored hands-on skills necessary to [...]

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Shelters in Tongass National Forest, AK

Manzanita Shelter after tree fall damage The Tongass National Forest is the nation’s largest, covering most of Southeast Alaska. Encompassing millions of acres of Alaskan wilderness, this unique forest features bear viewing areas, migratory bird stopover sites, and fascinating limestone caves and karst sites. Spend your summer with HistoriCorps, working to rehabilitate three historic [...]

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Chittenden Nursery, MI

Six week-long sessions, mid-July through late August. Explore the unsuspecting beauty of Michigan on this project to rehabilitate the Chittenden Nursery, in partnership with the Huron-Manistee National Forests. This project carries a special invitation to volunteers age 18 - 30 (or up to 35, if you're a veteran) for the bulk of our sessions as part of [...]

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Johnson Lake Mining District, Great Basin National Park, NV

Welcome, Nevada Conservation Corps members! This project will be completed through a partnership with the Nevada Conservation Corps (NCC) and is not open to the general public. If you're interested in joining HistoriCorps in Great Basin National Park, consider registering for the Rhodes Cabin project!  PROJECT PARTNER: Great Basin National Park Far from any roads and sitting at [...]

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Ryan Trail Cabins, Allegany State Park, New York

5 sessions, July 30 - August 25: Preserve a total of ten CCC-constructed cabins in Allegany State Park, New York! PROJECT PARTNER: Allegany State Park and the New York State Park System PROJECT SITE DESCRIPTION: Adapted from New York State Parks' publication on the history of Allegany State Park, which can be read here: Until 1797, what [...]

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Mather-Klauer Lodge, MI

Three week-long sessions in early and mid-August. Volunteer with HistoriCorps to rehabilitate the roof of the Mather-Klauer Lodge in the archaeologically rich Upper Peninsula of Michigan this summer! PROJECT PARTNER: Hiawatha National Forest STUDENTS: If you are interested in earning credit or a certificate through the HistoriCorps Institute, learn more and apply through the HistoriCorps Institute’s page. Volunteers [...]

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Simpson Lake Lodge, WY

VOLUNTEERS STILL NEEDED! Join us August 7-14 or 23-30 Don't miss out on this AMAZING project preserving the Simpson Lake Lodge in Wyoming! This project is located in a wilderness area and will involve only hand tools and a "leave no trace" mentality. HistoriCorps recommends volunteers on this project have experience camping in a backcountry [...]

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JO Ranch, Wyoming

Project Partners: Cornerstones Community Partnerships of Santa Fe, New Mexico and the Bureau of Land Management.   History: The JO Ranch was in operation from 1885 through the early 20th century. Following the Winter Kill of 1886-1887 that devastated cattle operations, ranchers in Wyoming began farming sheep instead. By 1909, the state counted more than 6 million [...]

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Rhodes Cabin, Great Basin National Park, NV

Two week-long sessions in late August. Volunteer with HistoriCorps to restore the historic Rhodes Cabin near the entrance of the famous Lehman Caves! PROJECT PARTNER: Great Basin National Park PROJECT SITE DESCRIPTION: Eastern Nevada’s Great Basin National Park is one of our country’s newest national parks. Aside from its valuable structures, the park boasts exquisite natural features, [...]

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Duncan Cabin, CO

Volunteer with HistoriCorps to rehabilitate historic Duncan Cabin and prepare it for overnight rentals! PROJECT PARTNER: Rio Grande National Forest The Duncan Cabin at the completion of the 2011 HistoriCorps volunteer project. The photo at the top of this page is the "before" image. PROJECT SITE DESCRIPTION: The town of Duncan was established in 1890 after the discovery [...]

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