HistoriCorps Crew at Thunderbird Barn in 2015

VOLUNTEER with HISTORICORPS to rehabilitate the Thunderbird Barn in the stunning National Monument of Canyon de Chelly!

PROJECT PARTNER: Canyon de Chelly National Monument

Inhabited by diverse peoples for over 5,000 years, Canyon de Chelly is today located in the heart of Navajo Nation. To this day, the canyon serves as home for Navajo families while remaining an invaluable national archaeological and cultural treasure. Visitors to this National Monument will be awed by the canyon’s dramatic red cliffs reaching toward storybook-blue Southwestern skies. In the 19th and early 20th century, the area was a hub for traders and merchants. One trader built the Thunderbird Log Barn, the site of our project, for storage space in the early 20th century, and a small community developed around it. In 1931, Canyon de Chelly became a National Monument, and the Navajo Nation and the National Park Service (NPS) administer the park jointly. The NPS wants to designate the community as a historic district, starting with the log barn restoration. This is HistoriCorps’ second project at this location.

WHO:  All are welcome, no experience needed. Those under age 18 must have a parent or guardian accompany them.

WHAT:  In order to complete the structural rehabilitation of the Thunderbird Log Barn, volunteers will:

  • Replace and repair the barn’s log walls
  • Rebuild the barn’s foundation
  • Rehang doors
  • Repair the barn’s roof

WHERE:  Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Chinle, AZ (map)
Nearest town:  Chinle, AZ (has all amenities including hotels, restaurants and a gas station)


  • HistoriCorps will provide volunteers with camping at Cottonwood Campground, near the project site. Showers are not available at the campground. Read a campground brochure to learn more here.
  • You can also stay at Thunderbird Lodge, which has both modern and historic rooms. There are hotels in Chinle, AZ as well.
  • This site is RV accessible! However, your RV must be less than 40' long.
  • Field staff will train volunteers in the project work. All tools are provided. Please do not bring your own tools – we don’t want them to get lost!
  • Given the rural nature of this site, HistoriCorps cannot ensure there will be cell phone service available. To determine if you will have cell service, please check your carrier's coverage map.
  • Volunteers are responsible for bringing their own camping supplies including: tent, sleeping bag, pillow, toiletries.
  • Volunteers are responsible for their transportation to and from the project and campsite.
  • HistoriCorps will provide volunteers with meals including: breakfast, lunch, dinner, water and snacks.
  • The work day will last from 8:00am – 5:00pm with breaks for lunch, snacks and water in between.
  • Volunteers must come prepared with proper attire including: sturdy work shoes, long pants and a work shirt.

If you have any further questions, please contact Liz Rice, Volunteer Manager, at lrice@historicorps.org or at 720-287-0100 ext. 231. Thank you for your interest in this project!

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  • Volunteer Session 5
    April 21, 2017 - April 26, 2017