Hannah Barker House

hannahPreservation of the Hannah Barker House

Sponsored by Historic Boulder, Inc. and the Colorado State Historic Fund

Project finished in July, 2013

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History: The Hannah Barker House is one of the oldest buildings in Boulder, CO. The Boulder County News reported in 1875 that “the building will be an ornament to any street and add another to the beautiful homes building in that desirable part of town.”  Hannah Connell Barker and her husband Ezra K. Barker purchased the house in 1877, but Ezra died in 1883, leaving Hannah with his landholdings and wealth. For more than 40 years, Hannah Barker occupied the house and served as a community  leader in a time when women’s contributions were often unrecognized and lost to historical record. Read more about the house and Hannah Barker herself here and here, and watch a video here.

Over the last several decades, the house has fallen into disrepair. Your help was needed to save this important historic landmark and tell the story of Hannah Barker, one of Boulder’s most influential pioneer women!

Hannah Barker CompressedScope of Work: As part of a larger, multi-phased project to stabilize the building, the HistoriCorps team rehabilitated the building’s front porch. Volunteers learned to:

  • Evaluate and repair or replace joists under porch floor;
  • Replace porch rafters;
  • Repoint brickwork;
  • Remove existing layers of roofing and install new shingle roof;
  • Restore original wood columns, arches, and decorative features.

Dates:   Session 1: June 14th-16th; Session 2: June 20th-23rd; Session 3: June 27th-30th.

Location & Directions: For this project, lodging was the responsibility of each volunteer. The Hannah Barker House is located at 800 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO 80202.

 Additional Information:  The project was be managed and supervised by two HistoriCorps instructors and was designed to optimize learning opportunities. Tools and safety equipment were provided by HistoriCorps, but lodging and transportation to and from the project were the responsibility of the participant. Lunches were provided by Historic Boulder, Inc. All crew members had to be physically capable of lifting, climbing, bending, and kneeling for sustained periods each day in variable weather; previous carpentry, roofing/shingling, maintenance, historic preservation, landscaping, and/or construction experience was helpful, but not required.

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