VOLUNTEER with HISTORICORPS to rehabilitate the Thunderbird Barn in the stunning National Monument of Canyon de Chelly! PROJECT SITE DESCRIPTION: Inhabited by diverse peoples for over 5,000 years, Canyon de Chelly is today located in the heart of Navajo Nation. To this day, the canyon serves as home for Navajo families while remaining an invaluable national archaeological (more…)

We are currently developing our 2017 project season. Please contact Bob Ogle, rogle@historicorps.org, for more information about HistoriCorps Institute.  HistoriCorps Institute™  is the education and training arm of HistoriCorps®, the nationally recognized leader in mobilizing citizens to save and protect places that matter. Through our Program in Heritage Conservation and Construction, students learn the decision (more…)

VOLUNTEER with HISTORICORPS to rehabilitate Palace Station, a rest stop for stagecoaches on an historic highway in northern Arizona. Volunteers may sign up for  one or more sessions. Please plan to arrive between 5pm and 7pm the on the first day of the session; work will begin on the following morning. We will depart in the afternoon of the last (more…)

VOLUNTEER with HISTORICORPS to rehabilitate Arrowhead Lodge in Arapaho-Roosevelt National Forest! Note: This is a unique two-day, two-night project. STUDENTS: If you are interested in earning credit or a certificate through the HistoriCorps Institute, learn more and apply through the HistoriCorps Institute’s page. Session 1: May 19 - 21, 2017 Please plan to arrive at or after 6pm the on the (more…)

VOLUNTEER with HISTORICORPS to rehabilitate the timberframe of the Bowerman Barn, originally constructed by hand more than a century ago! Please plan to arrive between 5pm and 7pm the on the first day of the session; work will begin on the following morning. We will depart in the afternoon of the last day of the session. PROJECT SITE DESCRIPTION: (more…)

VOLUNTEER with HISTORICORPS to continue rehabilitating the grand Forest Lodge! Session 1:  June 4 - 9, 2017 Session 2:  June 11 - 16, 2017 Session 3:  June 18 - 23, 2017 Volunteers may sign up for one or more sessions. Please plan to arrive at or after 6pm on the the first day of the session; work will begin (more…)

VOLUNTEER with HISTORICORPS as we return to Wild Plum Guard Station to continue our preservation work! In 2015, volunteers worked on the site’s main cabin, and in 2016, volunteers preserved three outbuildings on the site: a bunkhouse, garage and barn. This year, we will work on the site's blacksmith shop, barn, and garage. STUDENTS: If you are (more…)

Sponsored by: Shoshone National Forest and Fremont County Historic Preservation Commission Don't miss out on this AMAZING project preserving the Simpson Lake Lodge in Wyoming! This project is located in a wilderness area and will involve only hand tools and a "leave no trace" mentality. HistoriCorps recommends volunteers on this project have experience camping in a (more…)

Volunteer with HistoriCorps to rehabilitate the one-time home of the fascinating Abraham Archibald Anderson, who was as at home at a high-rise in New York City as he was in a cabin in the wilderness. PROJECT SITE DESCRIPTION: Anderson Lodge is named for its original dweller, the artist, (more…)

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