Project Photos 2017

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Death Valley, CA

Crew Leader Kat Weisbecker

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Palace Station, AZ

Palace Station Session 2

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A photo of the station during Session 2 of volunteer work. Photo courtesy our volunteer Shannon Clark.


Tongass National Forest, AK

Work at the shelters

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Photo by Natalie Henshaw


Wild Plum Guard Station, CA

View of one of the Wild Plum structures

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Photo by Rob Moses


Chittenden Nursery, MI

Volunteers working by Chittenden Nursery

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Photo by Jeff Bauer


Denver Work Day, CO 

Loading the trailer!

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Volunteer Nathan Brown loads equipment into a trailer.

Hirz Mountain Fire Lookout Tower, CO

Sign at Hirz Mountain

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Photo by Kat Weisbecker

JO Ranch, WY

View near the ranch

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Photo by Tara Gann

Black River Harbor, MI

A volunteer enjoying work near Black River Harbor

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Photo by volunteer Willie Gorham.

Thunderbird Barn, AZ

Desert camp

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Thunderbird Barn, Session 1. Photo courtesy volunteer Bobby Evans.

Forest Lodge, WI (2017)

View of Forest Lodge

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Photo by Bob and Jane Marquard

Kirkwood Museum, ID

Views near Kirkwood Museum

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Photo by Tara Gann

Hahns Peak Fire Lookout Tower, CO

Scenery near Hahns Peak

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Photo by Mary Bindas

Old House Recreation Pavilion, WV (AmeriCorps AFHA)

Detail of a structure at Old House

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Photo by Tom Crawford