Completed Projects

HistoriCorps strives to greatly increase the capacity to achieve preservation projects while teaching preservation maintenance and traditional building skills, advancing sustainable technology for historic buildings, and generating an interest in historic preservation. Established in 2009, HistoriCorps has proudly partnered with over 50 organizations to save over 130 structures in 14 states. Click on a link below to see photos and descriptions of HistoriCorps’ completed projects:


Matterhorn Mill

Saguache Ranger Station



Alpine Guard Station

Chambers Residence

Cobble Lookout Shelter

Dalton Cache

Fitton Guard Station

La Prele Guard Station

Lake City Outbuildings

Meeker Ranch

Off Cow Camp

River Springs Work Center

Steele Creek Roadhouse

Cascade Canyon Patrol Cabin

Chalk Creek

Clay Mine

Derby Cabin

Granite Peak Guard Station

Handy Chapel

Lookout Mountain Fire Lookout

Mountain Park/Arrowhead

Double D Ranch

Duncan Cabin

Harris Ranch

McFarlane  House

Gallatin House

Cedro Cabin

Wolfe Ranch & Stone Cabin

Meeker Cabin

Pratt Cabin

Fort Davis

Muddy Guard Station

Norton Point

Echo Lake Picnic Shelter

Tobasco Cabin

Baca House

Ft. Garland

Baehrden Lodge

Knowles Cabin

Como Roundhouse Cabins

Arrowhead Lodge

Squaw Mountain Fire Lookout

Healy House & Dexter Cabin

Ft. Piute

Baehrden Lodge

Gladie Cabin

Clesson Cabin

Farmer Cabin

Hannah Barker House

Land's End Latrine
Knowles Cabin

Birches Picnic Shelter

Norton Point

Little Brooklyn Guard Station

Thornburg Farm

Cow Palace at Forest Lodge

Hahn's Peak Lookout Tower

Devil's Head Lookout Tower

Golconda Mining Complex

Granite Cabin

Ute Mountain Lookout Tower

Echo Lake Picnic Shelter

El Prado Cabin

Centennial Work Center

Michigan Creek Guard Station

Tarryall School

Hopkins Mountain Fireman's Residence

Pyramid Guard Station

Ute Mountain Lookout Tower

Fabyan Guard Station

Golconda Mining Complex

Dawson Cabin

Black Mountain Lookout Tower

Cow Palace

Pioneer Cabin

Kennaday Fire Lookout Tower

Alma Ladies Aid Hall

Greer Mill

Frank Mayer House

Aldo Leopold House

AG Ranch

Thornburng Farm

Bent's Old Fort

Heritage Square Museum
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