Dexter Cabin & Healy House, Leadville, CO

Sponsored by the Healy House Museum and History Colorado

July 6th-8th and 12th-15th, 2012 

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History:  Built in 1878, the Healy house was the home of one of Leadville’s early founders August Meyer. The house is a virtually unaltered example of late Victorian architecture and is now run by History Colorado as a regional museum. The Dexter cabin, built in 1879 as a hunting lodge, appears to be a simple log cabin but on the inside is incredibly ornate. Both buildings suffer from Leadville’s harsh climate and high altitude and are in need of repairs.

Location: Both buildings are located in historic Leadville at 912 Harrison Avenue.

Lodging and meals:  Lodging was provided by the Leadville Presbyterian Church in their Youth Center, 299 McWethy Drive, Leadville.

Scope of Work: The HistoriCorps team conducted preservation maintenance to both the Dexter Cabin and the Healy House. Work included:

  • Repairing and repainting the windows, doors, and frames of the Dexter Cabin
  • Replacing deteriorated board-and-batten siding on the Dexter Cabin
  • Applying preservative to the exterior walls of the Dexter Cabin
  • Repairing and Reconstructing the west porch on the Healy House

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