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Is my project a good fit for HistoriCorps?

Thank you for your interest in hosting a project with HistoriCorps! We are excited to get to work and help you restore a historic structure. As a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we work to restore America’s built heritage for the benefit of the public. For HistoriCorps to work on a structure, a person or agency needs to sponsor the project and submit a Letter of Interest. The Letter of Interest Instructions explain the criteria for a HistoriCorps project. Most notably:

  • HistoriCorps does not fund projects and cannot assist in grant-writing or fundraising. Partnering with HistoriCorps, however, can make more and different funding opportunities available. E.g., we can host accredited field schools through Lamar Community College, or host veterans’ projects.
  • Projects must be either on public lands or have public access or benefit. E.g., HistoriCorps cannot help you renovate your kitchen. We can, however, restore a cookhouse that will be used to make meals for public lands’ volunteers.

After we have received a Letter of Interest, HistoriCorps will contact you. If your project is selected, HistoriCorps will need an Information Sheet about the building(s) intended for restoration. If you are confident that your project fits HistoriCorps’ criteria, you are welcome to submit both forms together.

You can access the Letter of Interest and Information Sheet below:

  1. Letter of Interest
  2. Information Sheet

Please reference our Letter of Interest EXAMPLE and Information Sheet EXAMPLE for guidance on these first steps to becoming a HistoriCorps project.

Please email your submission to:

Townsend Anderson
Chief Executive Officer

If you have questions or are unable to submit the application electronically, please contact us here.