Thornburg Farm

thornThornburg Farm

Sponsored by Uwharrie National Forest, NC

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History: Thornburg Farm is a complex of 19 buildings, including the farmhouse and large hay barn. The complex is significant for its architecture and progressive agricultural practices.  The original I-house structure was constructed ca. 1855, with porch additions added ca. 1880.  A 2-story ell was added to the I-house ca. 1900, and  a 1-story kitchen wing was constructed ca. 1930. The construction of the large haybarn and numerous outbuildings paralleled the evolution of the farmhouse.  The Forest intends to open the complex to the public, posting interpretive signage to depict the time periods of buildings and their separate parts to give visitors a graphic visualization of the progression.

Scope of Work: Volunteers conducted a variety of repairs, from reroofing the house, to jacking and re-building one corner of the barn, to stabilizing several of the small outbuildings. The repairs will enable more public access and enjoyment of the buildings and grounds.  Volunteers learned:

  • Roof repair and re-roofing;Thornburg
  • Structural repair and stabilization;
  • Door and window repair and restoration;
  • Jacking and foundation repair
  •  Chimney repair and stabilization;


  • Session 1: May 20th-24th, 8:30am-5:00pm
  • Session 2: May 28th-31st, 8:30am-5:00pm

 Location: Thornburg is located southwest of Ashboro, NC off of Lassiter Mill Road, ¾ miles south of Highway 49. The complex is on the left, with a sign marking the road leading to the buildings.

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