Douglas Fowler is one of HistoriCorps’ biggest fans, and we have to say, the feeling is mutual! For the past 4 summers, Douglas has shared his infectious enthusiasm for HistoriCorps’ mission and contributed his vast knowledge of log structures to our projects and volunteers. On first discovering HistoriCorps, Douglas explained, “I was fascinated and excited because HistoriCorps had combined several fields which I love –historic preservation, community service, and living and working outdoors in often pristine wilderness locations — into one dynamic entity. When I volunteered for a week that first summer working on the Alpine Guard Station, I knew that there was no doubt that I would be volunteering as much as I could in the years to come.” Douglas’ belief in the HistoriCorps’ mission is rooted in the principle that we are all interconnected. “I have such a strong conviction and belief that as individuals, communities, regions, and a nation we must commit and agree in unison to take care of the things that we have. These historic treasures are the sites that speak of our communal birth as a people…we are all intertwined upon the earth.”

HistoriCorps is fortunate to work with enthusiastic and knowledgeable craftsmen like Douglas, and we are thrilled that he continues to support our efforts. Recently, Douglas’ help was instrumental to the success of our Baehrden Lodge project, and he will be contributing his talents to the restoration of the porch at the Hannah Barker House next weekend. Upon reflection of his time with HistoriCorps, Douglas commented that, “The times volunteering with HistoriCorps have been some of the most memorable moments in my life. I have never worked so hard, eaten so good, and laughed as hard as I have while working on a HistoriCorps project.” We hope to have the privilege of working with Douglas for many more summers to come!