Volunteer Voices

Ruth Ann 3“We’ve met such interesting, enthusiastic people, been to places we wouldn’t have seen on our own, and experienced a good feeling knowing we have saved bits of American history for future generations.” – Ruth Ann White, 2013

Harris Ranch 23 Douglas Fowler (2)

“I have never worked so hard, eaten so well, and laughed as hard as I have while working on a HistoriCorps project. HistoriCorps is an opportunity not to be missed and an adventure in touching the past as well as changing the future.” – Douglas Fowler, 2013

“It was a really great experience getting to learn and accomplish so much this summer. All of the folks working on behalf of HistoriCorps really blew me away with their patience, passion, and friendliness during the process. I feel the skills I’ve gained will also really allow me to give back to our local community in a whole new way. Amy and I are already trying to scheme a way to be ‘HistoriCorps Vagabonds’ next year.” – Megan, 2012

“First I want to tell you what a wonderful, fulfilling time Josh and I had working on the Tobasco Cabin. The entire experience was truly amazing! Craig, Matt, and Harris did an outstanding job supervising, coaching, and encouraging the team, and the food… well, all I can say is that I ate better at the job site than I do at home (thankfully we were working off the calories!) All in all it was a phenomenal experience.” — Dan, 2012

“I had so much fun– I really didn’t want to leave! I loved learning everything that we did, and I was happy to gain some muscle in the process. Also, I found that I really became close to the lodge itself. ” – Nicole, 2012

“I had a great time on the trip – Squaw Mountain is absolutely GORGEOUS – and I’m glad I got to meet some fun people, too. Everyone got along, was positive, hard working, carried their weight, and Steve was a great team leader. I will definitely be volunteering again!” – Claire, 2012

“I really enjoyed being a part of the project. I especially enjoyed meeting Chris and Ruth and thought they were great team leaders. Both were very helpful and willing to answer my many questions. I’m now putting what I learned on HistoriCorps projects to use on my own old house! Overall, I felt I got a lot out of the weekend and had fun, too. I’ll definitely do it again if I get the chance.” — Kevin, Healy House & Dexter Cabin

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