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My HistoriCorps

Take Me Back. Pack. My Love for HistoriCorps and Ongoing Motivation to Contribute HistoriCorps feeds two parts of my soul: the desire for adventure and the desire for human connection. The first is that deep pull to beautiful, wild places where people built something for themselves. It isn’t just the general impressiveness of a wilderness structure but [...]

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A Letter From The Executive Director

Dear HistoriCorps Family & Friends: We send you our best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year from our new Mt. Morrison CCC camp headquarters. We are keeping our fingers crossed that our dedicated, hardworking federal land management agency friends will be allowed to return to work soon to finalize the outstanding projects we have [...]

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Communications Intern (Unpaid)

If you need to strengthen your resume with more marketable skills or just want to experience working for a non-profit that is a leader in saving America's historic places, then consider joining us as an intern. We are seeking to introduce the best and brightest to the business of historic preservation through place-based, hands-on learning. [...]

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A Reflection on Neosho

By Kim Mailes: Restoration of the 1872 Neosho Colored School attended by George Washington Carver is far from complete, but we have reached a milestone. The building has a new, solid foundation, and a period-correct roof will be installed soon. The Carver Birthplace Association has a renewed sense of optimism about this giant project we [...]

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From My Bookshelf: A Personal Choice

By Sarah Marsom: This month we have the pleasure of sharing a post by Sarah Marsom, one of the National Trust for Historic Preservation's 2018 40 under 40 people: People Saving Places!  Sarah Marsom has been collecting Junior Ranger badges from National Park Service sites since she was a youth, developing her appreciation [...]

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