Nine plus years, 281 projects, 26 states, engaging 2000 plus volunteers contributing over 150,000 hours. You can easily imagine the stress on our tools and equipment and trucks and trailers is past the breaking point (no pun intended!). That is why HistoriCorps is launching this important fundraiser to replace worn tools and equipment – much needed by our volunteers and much deserved. Our goal is $100,000.00. Take a look at the preview of our upcoming documentary on Wyoming PBS to see what you have helped us accomplish so far. With repaired and new tools and equipment, our volunteers will be indomitable!

Join us and Buy a Tool, Save a Place. Together, we will get this done. With the tools you provide we will save even more irreplaceable historic places for years to come! 

Townsend H. “Towny” Anderson
HistoriCorps CEO/Executive Director

Edward “Ned” Weihman
Chair of the HistoriCorps Board of Directors



Watch the Official Trailer for the Saving Places film


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Bronze-Tier Donations

Silver-Tier Donations

Gold-Tier Donations

Platinum-Tier Donations

Bronze-Tier Donations:

$10.00 can purchase 3 pairs of safety glasses
$20.00 can purchase a tool belt
$50.00 can purchase 8 pairs of leather gloves
$75.00 can purchase a cast iron screw jack

Gold-Tier Donations:

$500.00 can purchase a chop saw and stand
$1,000.00 can go towards a canvas tent
$1,500.00 can go towards a cargo trailer

Silver-Tier Donations

$100.00 can purchase a Dewalt power tool
$125.00 can purchase a first aid kit
$175.00 can purchase a forest axe
$200.00 can purchase an extension ladder 

Platinum-Tier Donations

$10,000.00 can go towards a pickup truck

*All donations will purchase tools and equipment for use on HistoriCorps preservation projects.



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