2016 End of Season Recap

This 2016, you outdid yourselves. Thank you, volunteers, crew leaders, field supervisors, and sponsors. What a year we had! In just eight months, we had almost 400 volunteers save more than 30 historic buildings all across America. Bravo, HistoriCorps! We wanted to give you all a little idea of what happened this year, so here [...]

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HistoriCorps in the News: 2016 Highlights

Here at HistoriCorps, we've been busy getting ready for the 2017 season, but we wanted to stop for half a minute and take a look at our - your - accomplishments, specifically, the media we've received over the past year.  In total we've had over 40 news articles and features published about our projects and our [...]

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Meet Our New Volunteer Manager, Liz!

Liz Rice is our brand-new Volunteer Manager, joining us on November 30 this year. She's already been a great addition to our growing team, and is eager to meet each and every one of you! She's busy preparing for the upcoming 2017 season, reviewing volunteer forms, checking out swag, and readying project pages for posting. [...]

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Crew Leader Spotlight: Annemarie Balfe

Annemarie Balfe is a HistoriCorps newbie. Her very first HistoriCorps volunteer project was at Forest Lodge this past summer. After showing exceptional skill and patience at her second project, Black River Harbor, we gave her a call and asked her to be a crew leader for the remainder of the season. Annemarie accepted, and she quickly [...]

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Volunteer Spotlight: Dominic Ruffalo

Get to know Dominic Ruffalo, who has been helping restore historic buildings with HistoriCorps since last year. Dominic is one of the younger members of our teams, having recently graduated college. He has high aspirations and hopes that his time spent on projects will help him land a job in the restoration field. His work is invaluable [...]

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Tech students earn certificate through Clear Springs project

Just two weeks ago, our Clear Springs project saw its busiest day yet - one dozen volunteers took paintbrush, hammer, and wheelbarrow in hand to help restore the lakeside pavilion. What made it such a popular place? Teacher Gary Hurst heard about the Clear Springs volunteer opportunity and thought it would be a perfect fit [...]

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The progress of a project: Bobby Evans reports on the final session of Skinner Cabin

Monday, September 26 Monday morning meeting shiny happy people standing round. All parties are well pleased with the progress made. This week's crew from left to right. Natalie  Clark  BLM Archaeologist Jon Williams, field supervisor Peter Heide Yannai Shmerer Althea Wunderler-Selby Robert Denison Mike Pascucci Bobby Evans Eric White, crew leader Tuesday, September 27   [...]

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The progress of a project: Bobby Evans reports on Skinner Cabin session 2

Bobby Evans is on-site at Skinner Cabin, right near his hometown of Fruita, CO. A long-time volunteer, Bobby graciously accepted the task of blogging and photographing the project from start to finish.  Here's his recap of week two on the project: Tuesday, September 20 Logs, logs, and logs. [How do you build a roof?  Very [...]

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The progress of a project: Volunteer Bobby Evans reports on Skinner Cabin, session 1

Our volunteer blogger for Skinner Cabin is long-time HistoriCorps volunteer Bobby Evans (check out his volunteer spotlight here)! Bobby lives in Fruita, CO - just minutes away from our most recent project, Skinner Cabin.  Skinner Cabin is an example of one of the earliest stone cabins in the area, built by stonemason John Skinner in [...]

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Simpson Lake hits a few bumps but is deemed a success

HistoriCorps has had restoration projects at over 25 sites this 2016 season - and each one presented its own challenges and successes. The Simpson Lake project was perhaps one of the more challenging projects this year, due to a number of factors - from a pack-in and long hike up a mountain to the project [...]

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