2021 Volunteer Projects

2021 Volunteer Projects

2021 Preservation Projects

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Lookout Mountain Picnic Area, CO

Partner: Bureau of Land Management

September 12-17  |  September 19-24

If a place is named “Lookout,” you know the views are going to be worth the trip! Join us above the hullabaloo of thriving Glenwood Springs this fall, during Colorado’s “turning of the aspens,” to give back to this threatened CCC site. Lookout Mountain Picnic Area was constructed by the CCC almost ninety years ago, during the Great Depression. Today, the area is in a state of disrepair, but HistoriCorps volunteers are here to turn that around! Plan to enjoy extraordinary views over Glenwood Springs on this project. Dispersed camping at our campsite below the mountain top is accessible for tents, campervans, and truck campers. SMALL trailers can, in a pinch, access this site but the ground is uneven and there are rocks and small boulders, so it’s not advisable.

Crescent Moon Ranch, AZ

Partner: Coconino National Forest

September 19-24  |  September 26 – October 1  |  October 3-8  |  October 24-29

Crescent Moon Ranch was established in the late 1800s by cattleman John Lee, who’d come over from Prescott, AZ. The land was historically inhabited by Apache, Western Apache, Hopitutskwa, Pueblos, and Hohokam Nations (learn more). Since the ranch’s establishment, it changed hands and uses many time. More than 30 cultural resources remain at the ranch. Together, they represent the story of decades of continuously-adapting agrarian use. Nestled at the base of awe-inspiring Cathedral Rock just outside of Sedona, AZ, Crescent Moon Ranch promises to be a wonderful fall project. Accessible for tents, truck campers, and campervans.

Calamity Camp, CO

Partner: Bureau of Land Management

September 19-24  |  September 26 – October 1  |  October 3-8

Calamity Mesa, located on historically Ute land outside Gateway, Colorado, held valuable vanadium, uranium, and radium. Miners in Calamity Camp extracted these resources from 1916-1980. They lived a harsh and dangerous life in order to secure the heavy metals critical to WWI, WWII, and Cold War efforts. Today, the site is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Calamity Mesa is located near splendid Western Slope recreational opportunities, including Jeeping, hiking, mountain biking, and more. It is highly likely volunteers will get to enjoy the beautiful, yet fleeting “turning of the aspens” during this project. Sign up today! Accessible for tents, truck campers, campervans, and small, higher-clearance trailers for those with confident driving skills on rough roads.

Bodie State Historic Park, CA: Railroad Office, D.V. Cain Barn, and Fouke House

Partner: California State Parks

September 12-17  |  September 19-24  |  September 26 – October 1

A ghost town preserved in a state of “arrested decay” just outside of Yosemite National Park – how can you say no?  This project offers incredible opportunities for photographers and history buffs alike. Bodie is located on land historical inhabited by peoples of the Monache, Northern Paiute, and Washoe Nations. From 1877-1880, Bodie was eating high on the hog and enjoyed the amenities (and vices) of larger cities. The town had at one point 65 saloons and even a red light district, which were the scenes of murders, brawls, and holdups. Starting in late 1880, Bodie’s population began to decline – first slowly, and then plummeting. By 1915, Bodie was described regularly as a ghost town. Designated as a National Historic Site and a State Historic Park in 1962, the remains of Bodie are being preserved in a state of ‘arrested decay.’ Bodie has been named by the California legislature as the official state gold rush town. This fall, a double crew of volunteers will work on the town’s railroad office, the D.V Cain Barn, and Fouke House. Tents, campervans, truck campers, and small RVs/trailers can access this site.

Los Burros Barn, AZ

Partner: Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest

September 19-24  |  September 26 – October 1  |  October 3-8  |  October 10-15

National Register-listed Los Burros Barn is located at the edge of a breathtaking conifer-ringed meadow. It was originally used by the Forest Service. Today, intrepid campers and hikers make the trek here for the scenery and history it offers. Extend your summer at this location near the vacation destination of Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ! Warmer daytime temps here, combined with the beautiful setting and interesting scope of work, make this project a wonderful fall choice. Camping area is accessible for tents, campervans, truck campers and trailers up to 22 feet in length.

Water Canyon Ranger Station, AZ

Partner: Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest

October 10-15  |  October 17-22  |  November 7-12

Encompassing over two million acres of mountains and rivers soaring high above the Arizona desert, the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests are a beauty to behold. However, the stunning landscape is not the only thing that makes the these forests unique. They also include many important historic sites, including the Water Canyon Ranger Station. Nestled among the trees on the bank of Water Creek on land that was historically inhabited by the Apache, Pueblo, and Zuni Nations, the Water Canyon Ranger Station was constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in 1934 and tells an important story of national resilience. Join us in Arizona this fall to do the work necessary to ensure this story endures! Accessible for tents, truck campers, and campervans.

Santiam Pass Ski Lodge, OR

Partner: Willamette National Forest

October 10-15  |  October 17-22  |  October 24-29

Located on Santiam Pass just 20 miles west of Sisters, Oregon, on land historically inhabited by the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians, Tenino, and Molalla Nations, the CCC-built Santiam Pass Ski Lodge is experiencing a surge of interest. Preservationists and history lovers from around the region have come together to restore the lodge. The Friends of Santiam Pass Ski Lodge are doing the hard work necessary to bring the lodge back into public service. HistoriCorps is thrilled to be a part of this effort! Accessible for tent campers, truck campers, campervans, and RVs/trailers (no hookups and the ground may not be perfectly level).

Lake Wedington Summer Camp, AR

Partner: Ozark- St. Francis National Forests

October 17-22  |  October 24-29  |  October 31 – November 5

There is a great tradition of escaping to the lake, mountains, or shore during summer holidays in countries around the world. The United States celebrates this culture through our public lands system, ensuring anybody and everybody can access recreational areas, reconnect to nature, and enjoy time with friends and families. Lake Wedington has served as the backdrop for several generations’ summer memories. Today the lake’s boathouse, constructed by the CCC, is in need of some HistoriCorps TLC. Oh, and we should mention that the fall colors in this area are among the best in the country – but don’t take our word for it! Indoor lodging offered, and one RV space is available (no hookups).


Registered volunteers will receive first priority when these projects are rescheduled.

Eagle Cliff Blacksmith Shop, CA

Partner: Joshua Tree National Park

Postponed. New Dates TBD. Registered volunteers will have first priority when this project is rescheduled.

HistoriCorps’ crews will get off the beaten path, exploring a special part of beautiful Joshua Tree National Park. We’ll restore the rustic Eagle Cliff Blacksmith Shop, a set of backcountry stone structures where sandy stone walls and rusting tin roofs curve through gaps between looming boulders. This is a tent camping-only project. Volunteers will enjoy a 2-mile hike in and out of the site daily (4 miles total), making this one of our more strenuous and adventurous projects!