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2020 Anticipated Projects

No project listed below is guaranteed to become a reality until it is scheduled, but we are working hard to put together our 2020 calendar! Check this page often for updates.

Hornbek Homestead, CO

HistoriCorps anticipates returning for our third year of work at this Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument site! The site is significant because of its association to the Homestead Act: Adeline Hornbek was one of the early settlers in the West Pikes Peak area, having arrived in the mid-1870s with her four children. As head of her household, she led the first homestead application under the Homestead Act of 1862 in the Florissant area. Defying traditional gender roles of the age, Adeline had by 1885 established a substantial ranch in an area of subsistence farming. We expect to focus our 2020 work on cedar shingle roofing!

Silver Falls Picnic Shelter, WA

Fans of our work at Oregon’s Silver Falls State Park may enjoy volunteering to save this similarly-named project site in Washingon! Located about four hours east of Seattle on the eastern side of Cascade mountain range, this CCC-built picnic shelter in the scenic Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest is surely in need of some TLC. Our anticipated preservation tasks include log work, shingling, and masonry. Given the shelter’s current state of deterioration, we are positive that the transformation will be astounding!


B&H Mine and Cuba Mine Shaft, WY

Though the mine’s shafthouse/headframe seen in this 1969 photo has since fallen down, standing at this site will still summon echoes of the region’s mining history. Located only 40 minutes south from the outdoor mecca of Lander, WY, the B&H Mine and Cuba Mine Shaft were likely constructed and in operation in the 1920s. Since they were abandoned, their historic significance was determined to be sufficient enought to earn them a place on the National Register of Historic Places. Sadly, natural forces and vandalism have threatened their longevity. HistoriCorps expects to undertake significant log work on these structures this season!

Anderson Lodge, WY

This wilderness project will require volunteers to hike in 6-7 miles over rough (yet beautiful!) terrain, carrying their gear, to our high-altitude jobsite in the Shoshone National Forest. In 2017 and 2018 HistoriCorps volunteers worked on the Hired Hands Cabin (shown above); in 2020 we plan to work on the main lodge itself, stabilizing the building and dragging it uphill, back to its original foundation. We’ll work under the guidance of an experienced house mover. This project is for the brave and strong – and lovers of incredibly clear night skies!

Capitol City Post Office, CO

This gem of a ghost town in the southern Rockies is located just off the hugely popular Alpine Loop, a National Scenic Backcountry Byway. The town was named “Capitol City” by its founder in the hopes that if he named it the capital of the state, it would become so. The town’s history echoes the larger-than-life stories of the settlers and miners that built the West. We plan to re-roof the building with wood shingles.


Dechambeau Ranch, CA

California’s Mono Basin, which is also home to Bodie, is a stupendous region not only for its scenery and proximity to Yosemite, but also for its history of mining and ranching. The iconic Dechambeau Ranch, once the largest in the region, has been preserved in local memory through oral histories given by elder Norm DeChambeau, who experienced his childhood on the ranch, and through artists’ photography (the image above was captured by photographer Tim Messick). HistoriCorps plans to work on the building’s roof (which though large, is not particularly steep), and enjoy the scenery from up high. 


Sly Guard Station & Harvey West Cabin, CA

Once a ranger station, the Sly Guard Station is now available for overnight rentals. According to the Eldorado National Forest, our project partner, “The cabin is near Sly Park Reservoir, also called Jenkinson Lake, the tourist area of Apple Hill, a variety of wineries, a number of hiking trails, and the historic mining towns of Coloma and Placerville. The Sly Guard Cabin was constrcuted in the early 1940s by the Forest Service as living quarters for rangers ‘on guard’ in the Sly Park area.” If we accomplish our scope of work here, we’ll also work on the nearby, historic Harvey West Cabin. 


Mormon Lake Guard Station, AZ

HistoriCorps volunteers seem to have adopted this building! Pending some required paperwork, we plan to return for our third year in a row to continue the restoration of this historic Forest Service Guard Station just south of Flagstaff, AZ. Our anticipated scope of work will include floor and wall stabilization and repairs. In prior years, volunteers re-roofed the building, worked on siding replacement and repair, and more! 


Architectural History Program (AHP): Recreation Residence Surveys in Idaho and Wyoming

The AHP crew is heading to Idaho and Wyoming next year! The team is helping our National Forest partners document and study historic buildings, and what they learn will help forests decide how to best manage these historic properties (including some that might become HistoriCorps preservation projects!). Rather than repairing buildings, volunteers will be photographing, measuring, investigating, and making recommendations for the Forests. Learn more here.