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Register HERE! Students can earn extra credit and experience toward a certificate in Mr. Broyles’ and Mr. Bell’s classes.

Register for one or more sessions: Oct. 24-27,  Oct. 31-Nov. 3, and Nov. 7-10

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NEW!  Architectural History Program (AHP)

The AHP volunteer opportunities take place on US Forest Service lands in various states.

Rather than working on buildings, small teams of volunteers will help the AHP staff team survey and document historic buildings and structures as part of a long-term historic preservation project. Find our current volunteer opportunities here!

October 20-25  |  November 3-7  |  November 10-15

Join HistoriCorps again this fall as we return to continue our preservation work on the New Bern Academy! In spring 2019, volunteers helped rehabilitate some of the building’s failing historic masonry. This October, we’ll enjoy a beautiful fall season while we work on the Academy’s portico, windows, and shutters. According to the Academy’s website, “Originally a school house for both boys and girls, the New Bern Academy served as a hospital in the Civil War and in 1899 became part of the New Bern graded school system which used it for classes until 1971. Today, the Academy building’s original classrooms are home to four permanent exhibits focused on the Civil War, New Bern Architecture, and the history of the building itself. RVs/trailers and tent campers welcome!