Downing St. Trolley Stop, CO
Downing St. Trolley Stop, CO

Downing St. Trolley Stop, CO

Downing Street Trolley Stop, CO 

A Project with Community College of Denver

CCD students are specially invited to help HistoriCorps restore this much-loved historic trolley stop in the beautiful and historic Washington Park neighborhood!

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PROJECT PARTNER:  Denver Parks and Recreation

SESSION DATES: There are three project sessions to choose from. Consider joining for multiple sessions to see the transformation in action over the course of the project! Scroll down to register. 

  • October 24 – 27
  • October 31 – November 3
  • November 7 – 10

ARRIVAL/DEPARTURE TIMES:  Plan to arrive promptly at 8:30 am each day of your session. We will depart at 5pm. There will be breaks for lunch and snacks.


LOCATION:  The Downing Street Trolley Stop is located at the intersection of Downing and Marion Streets, north of Washington Park by the Cherry Creek Bike Path. 

GOOD TO KNOW: No prior experience is required. HistoriCorps will provide all tools, training, and equipment for students on this project. Students should come wearing sturdy work clothes and boots.

Project Site Description & History

Denver wasn’t always the home of traffic jams on I-25. In fact, at one time, it was the home of a world-class public transit system powered by trolleys. The map to the right (source) shows the streetcar routes that Denverites enjoyed back in 1913, more than a century ago. DU student Ryan Keeney used GIS to create a fascinating site titled, “Denver’s Streetcar Legacy and its Role in Neighborhood Walkability,” where you can find modern maps, interpretation, history and more. 

Keeney shares that the development of a vibrant trolley system was integral to managing Denver’s exponential growth – not in the 2000s, but in the 1890s. As Denver continues to discuss how adequately its current transportation infrastructure serves, or doesn’t serve, its residents, looking back to see how the city met these challenges in the past can help us plan for our future.

This October, students from Community College of Denver are enthusiastically invited to join HistoriCorps to preserve one small piece of the incredible trolley system. Register for one or more sessions below!

Students are also invited to enroll in the HistoriCorps Institute. Participation in this project counts towards the Certificate in Applied Historic Preservation. 


Scope of Work

Students will work alongside expert field staff to learn and practice the following skills in order to preserve the historic trolley stop.

  • Re-roof building using wood shingles
  • Install polycarbonate windows
  • Remove loose and flaking paint, and repaint
  • Repair damaged wood elements
Please note: Tasks vary by day and by week, depending on a variety of factors including: weather, project priorities, previous groups’ work, and more. Though it is likely you will get to learn and practice most or all of the above tasks, it is not guaranteed. The higher percentage of the scope a particular task is, the more likely you will get to practice it.

Logistics & More

An historic Denver trolley (source)

Detail of the trolley stop, which we’ll restore this fall!

Imagine this view without today’s skyscrapers and modern roads!

  • HistoriCorps will provide all tools, training, and equipment. 
  • Students are required to come dressed in sturdy work clothes and boots, adequate for working outdoors for a full day. 
  • Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from this project. 
  • All students are required to review and agree to the HistoriCorps Waiver & Release and Code of Conduct during the registration process.
  • HistoriCorps projects are multi-day sessions, where you will develop your skills over the course of the session, as well as build camaraderie with your crew and make a significant contribution to the preservation of this building. We can only very occasionally accommodate students who require a shorter session. Please email us at for more information.

We are always ready to answer your questions. Once you register, expect us to be in touch a few times before your project begins to confirm attendance, offer advice, and share updates. Thank you always! Really, we can’t do it without you.

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