International Order of Odd Fellows Cabins, OR

Inspired by the destitute conditions of 17th-century England, a group of citizens banded together to provide small amounts of charity to the most vulnerable populations. An observer commented, “it is odd that a person might help another and expect nothing in return." Thus, the Odd Fellows were born. In 1819, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF) was founded in North America. These IOOF cabins served as fellowship halls for members.

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Roger Pryor Campbell House, VA

November and early December 2017 A notable African-American history site, the six-room Roger Pryor Campbell house was constructed in 1860 and occupied by the Campbell family beginning in the early 20th century. Mr. Campbell was a successful African-American barber and property owner. Architecturally, the house is also the only example standing of Carpenter/Gothic revival architecture in Petersburg.

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