Baehrden Lodge, Colorado

Baehrden Lodge, Colorado

Project Partner: Jefferson County Open Spaces

History: Originally built in 1928 for Chicago millionaire utility executive, William Baehr, this summer home was designed by prominent Denver architect, J.B. Benedict, and constructed in an astonishing 90 days. The crew working 24 hours a day in order finish the project. Reminiscent of the of the manor homes found in Germany's Black Forest, all of the ornate wrought iron door and window hardware and electrical fixtures were forged on site. The Lodge remained in the Baehr family until 1956, when it was purchased by Denver investors for a fishing retreat. It was sold in 1975 when it was renovated and operated as a conference and retreat center until it was purchased by Jefferson County in 1986.

Scope of Work: As part of a two-to-three year plan to open the lodge's public rooms to visitors , the HistoriCorps volunteers removed non-historic materials from the porch and Great Room and restored the stone steps and landings and rustic wood balustrades. Skill-building work which the volunteers completed included:

• Documentation and storage of historic furnishings, fixtures, and materials
• Removal & disposition of non-historic materials, furniture, and fixtures
• Restore & reconstruct log railings, balusters, & posts
• Repair, reconstruct, re-lay, re-mortar, and re-point stone treads, risers, landings, and waist walls

  • July 1, 2012 - July 31, 2012
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