Hahns Peak Fire Lookout – Fourth Season

Hahns Peak Fire Lookout – Fourth Season

PROJECT SPONSOR: Routt National Forest

Hahn’s Peak, known traditionally as Old Baldy, was named after Joseph Hahn who discovered and mined gold on the mountain in 1862. Though Hahn died of starvation and exposure on this site in 1867, the Forest Service could not let such a good viewpoint go to waste. In 1912, the Hahns Peak Lookout Tower was constructed. It’s not easy to find building materials and concrete at 10,792 feet, though—over 2,000 pounds of materials had to be packed up to the build site! In that day and age, teachers were often the ones who spent their summers as watchers in the tower. They were supplied with only a cook stove, a mine-set telephone, detailed maps and an Osborne Fire Finder. HistoriCorps volunteers  were able to experience a challenging, high altitude adventure this summer in our return to this fascinating project site!

Hahns Peak is one of Colorado’s Endangered Places, a program of Colorado Preservation Inc.  Watch a video about the fire lookout on their YouTube channel!
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WHAT:  HistoriCorps returned for a fourth season to Hahns Peak. Work focused on stabilizing and restoring the structure. Volunteers worked under the supervision of HistoriCorps field staff and learned how to:

  • Secure the longevity of the structure's concrete through parging
  • Plaster the cabin’s interior
  • Rehabilitate and stabilize stairs
  • Add a concrete step on the stairway's landing
  • Apply finish to exterior wood surfaces and paint the cabin's windows
  • Install a durable walking surface
  • Mitigate erosion near the building's foundation

hahns peak mapWHERE: Hahns Peak is located in Routt National Forest one hour north of Steamboat Springs. Hahns Peak Fire Lookout Tower is located at: 40.842676, -106.929711.

HistoriCorps is a service learning partner of the U.S. Forest Service, Department of Agriculture committed to the preservation and stewardship of significant resources on public lands.

  • Session 1
    July 11, 2017 - July 16, 2017
  • HistoriCorps Institute Student: Session 1
    July 11, 2017 - July 16, 2017
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