Palace Station, AZ

Palace Station, AZ

PROJECT PARTNER: Prescott National Forest


The Senator Highway once served as a primary stagecoach thoroughfare for central Arizona, serving primarily miners and related industries. The Spence family, newly arrived from Missouri in 1875, saw opportunity and constructed the two-story Palace Station in the years following. By 1878 the Station was being advertised as a stagecoach stop. They primarily served meals to travelers and feed and water to horses. Some Friday nights, "fancy ladies" could be seen near the Station to relieve miners of their pay. By the early 1900s, the nearby mines dried up, rail roads were being built in the area, and fewer and fewer stagecoaches stopped by Palace Station. In 1913the business was sold, and in 1963 the U.S. Forest Service acquired it. At more than 140 years of age, the structure is one of the earliest examples of pioneer cabins in the region.

For history aficionados: Read a detailed history of Palace Station here! An excerpt is below:

“Centrally located on the primary road system through the Bradshaw [Mountains], Palace Station was available to the majority of the population involved in the mining boom and no doubt served them in any one of a number of capacities. Palace Station today is quiet and beautiful…Nestled in the heart of the Bradshaws, Palace is surrounded by the vast Prescott National Forest, sheltered from modern man by miles of virtually unpopulated land, a grand buffer of mountains and trees. After braving the tedious backroads leading to Palace, the persistent traveler is treated to a glimpse of a previous era…the imagination unleashes a wave of romanticized thoughts on frontier life.” --History courtesy of Ray Jackson, author of “Spence’s Palace Station: History in the Bradshaw Mountains

WHAT: In order to rehabilitate Palace Station, volunteers:

Palace Station, ca. 1912. Photo courtesy Sharlot Hall Museum.

  • Re-roofed the structure
  • Repaired or replaced the stovepipe
  • Rehabilitated windows and repainted their shutters
  • Rehabilitated doors
  • Repaired severely deteriorated porch decking and siding
  • Repaired existing stairs and installed a new set of stairs

WHERE: Find a map to the station here.

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