Wild Plum Guard Station, CA

Wild Plum Guard Station, CA

PROJECT PARTNER: Tahoe National Forest


In 1908, the Tahoe National Forest’s Sierra Ranger District purchased land to build an administrative site.  Already occupied by a residence built in 1907, the Forest Service added a bunkhouse, a barn, and shed to the property.  The Civilian Conservation Corps constructed a garage for the complex during the 1930s.  When the Downieville and Sierra Ranger Districts incorporated each other in 1946, Wild Plum was used as a guard station for fire crews and employee housing until it was abandoned in the early 1980s.

The Wild Plum complex currently suffers from a lack of maintenance and vandalism.

WHAT: Over the course of this project, volunteers worked closely with HistoriCorps field staff to learn new skills and preservation techniques. Work completed by volunteers included:

  • Garage
    • Painted the exterior
    • Repaired the sill at the building's base and its sidingsierra city
    • Repaired a door
  • Blacksmith Shop
    • Removed vegetation threatening the structure
    • Repaired and strengthen the building's foundation
    • Repaired doors and siding
    • Restored the building's exterior
    • Repaired loose roofing
  • Barn
    • Rehabilitated a lookout above the hayloft door

The project site is adjacent to the Wild Plum Campground, two miles east of Sierra City, CA.  GPS coordinates are 39.566285, -120.598954.
Nearest Town: Sierra City, CA.

HistoriCorps is a service learning partner of the U.S. Forest Service, Department of Agriculture committed to the preservation and stewardship of significant resources on public lands.

  • Session 1
    June 13, 2017 - June 18, 2017
  • Session 2
    June 20, 2017 - June 25, 2017
  • HistoriCorps Institute Student: Session 1
    June 13, 2017 - June 18, 2017
  • HistoriCorps Institute Student: Session 2
    June 20, 2017 - June 25, 2017
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