HistoriCorps in the News: 2016 Highlights
HistoriCorps in the News: 2016 Highlights

HistoriCorps in the News: 2016 Highlights

Here at HistoriCorps, we’ve been busy getting ready for the 2017 season, but we wanted to stop for half a minute and take a look at our – your – accomplishments, specifically, the media we’ve received over the past year.  In total we’ve had over 40 news articles and features published about our projects and our mission. We thought we’d include a few highlights all in one place – it was a great year for us (in fact, possibly the best year!):

The New York Times

nytimes2016 The most prestigious press we received was from The New York Times, in an article written by Allison Amend on April 27, 2016. Here’s the link. Titled “Lending a Library a Hand in Colorado,” the article featured our Buffalo Peaks Ranch project, which the writer had volunteered on in 2015. Amend starts it off by saying: 

I am perched on a slippery roof ridge at the Buffalo Peaks Ranch in the rain, feet sliding on ancient asphalt shingles atop rotting plywood decking, tethered only by a rope. For fun.

Amend does a great job explaining the volunteer experience, and describing the Buffalo Peaks project and the hope to transform the site into the Rocky Mountain Land Library. If you’re looking for an in-depth reader’s experience of a HistoriCorps project, read this article! Many thanks to Allison for spreading the word!


FlipKey by TripAdvisor

istock_101967847_small-768x519One of the most recent 2016 articles that featured HistoriCorps was written by Matthew Moretti from FlipKey, a TravelAdvisor publication. The November 11 article was titled “Travel and Give Back with these Top Volunteer Vacations.” Catch the article here. HistoriCorps was included on a list of 13 top volunteer opportunities in the nation! Moretti included the key aspects of any HistoriCorps project:


[HistoriCorps] hammer, chisel, paint, and sand historic buildings back to life. No need for previous construction experience. Just bring a positive attitude and strong work ethic.

 What an honor to be included on this list, which also featured the Alaska Raptor Center, American Conservation Experience, and Farm Sanctuary.


Neosho Daily News

neoshoNeosho was one of the more popular projects in 2016, and received the most press, in multiple forms! From newspaper to blog to online news to video and television, this Missouri project was a big hit with volunteers and the community alike. The Neosho Daily News covered the schoolhouse restoration almost daily. Here is a link to one of the articles. This particular one was titled “Layers of Time Peeled Back to Unveil Historic Carver School.” Written by Mike Elswick, who spent quite a bit of time following the project, the article talks about the progress made and the work yet to be done. 

Elswick interviewed historic architect Angie Gaebler for the article, who commented on the discoveries of the restoration process:

“There were lots of layers and each one tells a story. The work reveals different episodes.”


Richmond Times-Dispatch

richmondtimes2016Another project we received a lot of press on was Summerseat, our HistoriCorps Institute field school. Students and volunteers alike joined forced to fix up the courthouse on the Virginia State University site. The Richmond Times-Dispatch featured the project in their August 31 article titled “Working to Preserve Summerseat, Now a Field School.” Read the article here. Writer Karin Kapsidelis highlighted the project sponsor, The Cameron Foundation, and the efforts of HistoriCorps Institute Director Bob Ogle. 

Part of the article addressed the legend behind Summerseat too, noting that not everything you hear about the building may be historically accurate. As Kapsidelis wrote, 

The vinyl siding is coming off and perhaps some myths, too.

Read the article to learn more about Summerseat. and the HistoriCorps Institute.


Military Times

militarytimes2016Our Forest Lodge project is always popular, and this year we had a radio station interview as well as a feature in The Military Times! Titled “Historic Preservation Training Brings Vets Back into Society,” the article was written by Charlsy Panzino and focused on the work veterans have been doing at the site. Here’s a link.

Jason Maloney, an Army veteran and Forest Lodge member, was interviewed for the article. He commented on how important organizations like HistoriCorps are to veterans: 

“We have veterans that pick up all sorts of skills and really help re-acclimate into the job market on the civilian side of society. And being out in the natural setting is therapeutic for us. I always find that it calms the soul and helps one heal.”



We’ve had plenty more great press written about HistoriCorps this year, with volunteers and sponsors interviewed. Thank you to everyone who contributed to getting the word out about HistoriCorps! If you know any journalists who might be interested in getting in touch, please direct them to the Director of Marketing, Jennifer Powell, at jeberhart@historicorps.org.  Check out each past project page for links to other great news articles throughout the year!