HistoriCorps’ New Years Resolutions
HistoriCorps’ New Years Resolutions

HistoriCorps’ New Years Resolutions

It’s a new year, and like each of you, we have a few bucket list items to cross off and self improvement goals to achieve this 2017. And there’s no better way to make sure we fulfill those goals than by telling all our friends about them so you can be sure to hold us to them!

Here’s our list:

  1. Keep in touch! We want to make sure we keep in better touch with all of you – whether that means more social media updates, more newsletters, more face-to-face interaction at projects or special events, or just a quick phone call or email to say hi and see how you’re doing! We love hearing your stories of projects you volunteered on or even your own side projects and hobbies. Please keep in touch with us as well, and let us know what you’re up to! We might even feature you and your photos and stories in our blog or facebook posts. When volunteers know what other volunteers are up to, it’s makes us all feel even more connected! Feel free to email our Volunteer Manager, Liz Rice, at lrice@historicorps.org with all of your updates, comments, questions and concerns. Let us know your own New Year’s resolutions, too!
  2. Streamline the volunteer registration process. Yep, we know you’ve been having issues with registering for projects. It frustrates us, too. We’re looking into solutions to make your online registration process much easier and error-free. We resolve, by the time a majority of the season’s projects are posted online, to have a workable registration process that will allow you to register for multiple projects at once, input your volunteer info once – and only once regardless of how many projects you attend, and review and edit your registrations once they’ve been made. Fingers crossed!
  3. Provide cooler volunteer swag. T-shirts can get a little boring. So we’ve decided to mix it up this year. We’re looking into finding a wider variety of gear for volunteers as a thank you for all your hard work! We’ve been hearing you ask for new HistoriCorps apparel – baseball caps, bumper stickers, mugs, notepads, and everything in between. Think of something you’d just love to have on a project? Send your ideas to our Marketing Manager, Jennifer Powell, at jpowell@historicorps.org.
  4. Make new friends. We want to meet new people and new organizations, and connect and collaborate to our mutual advantage. If you know of any companies or individuals that might be interested in collaborating with HistoriCorps – either through sponsorships, donations, or simply by spreading the word – please let us know! Email Operations Director, Jonas Landes, at jlandes@historicorps.org with contact information.
  5. Educate while saving places. We just received a new grant from the Cameron Foundation to continue our work with the HistoriCorps Institute! Our work at Summerseat this past year was a great success and we’re hoping to keep that momentum going. Our goal this year is to spread the word about HCI and get more students involved in saving historic places across the nation. Interested in earning college credit for your volunteer work? Visit www.historicorps.org/historicorpsinstitute or contact HCI Director, Robert Ogle at rogle@historicorps.org.

We can’t wait to see what this year brings, and where it takes us to. Please follow us on our adventures either by volunteering on a project or just by reading our newsletters and watching us on social media. We’re hoping this year will be bigger and better than 2016, with plenty of projects taking place all across the country – maybe your own New Year’s resolution is to attend as many HistoriCorps projects as possible? Bring it on! We’ve got some great things in store for you, and we hope all our and your New Year’s Resolutions come true!