HistoriCorps to Open East Coast Office
HistoriCorps to Open East Coast Office

HistoriCorps to Open East Coast Office

At the end of 2016, HistoriCorps was awarded a $300,000 grant by the Cameron Foundation to continue work with our new initiative, HistoriCorps Institute. The grant provides enough funding for HistoriCorps to open an East Coast office and to hire a Regional Marketing and Administrative Manager to support the HistoriCorps Institute director. The grant comes on the heels of the successful completion of the preservation work on Summerseat in Virginia this past summer, which the Cameron Foundation also helped to sponsor.

The Cameron Foundation posted a web release that described the grant, offering praise to the Institute for its field preservation learning model. In the press release, both Institute Director Bob Ogle and Cameron Foundation Board Chair Pam Martin Comstock were interviewed:

“When we made the initial investment in Summerseat, we did so with optimism that it would succeed as a demonstration project and would support the case for a more long term preservation program to benefit this region,” said Cameron Board Chair Pam Martin Comstock. “We were delighted to learn that HistoriCorps’s feasibility study justified making this additional investment.”

According to Bob Ogle, “In the example of Summerseat, we rehabilitated the building for eventual adaptive reuse. We experienced a great level of community engagement. We developed a number of partnerships with local educational institutions. Additionally, we facilitated the participation of more than 30 students and volunteers from not only the region, but from across the country.”

HistoriCorps is proud to partner with Cameron Foundation and we look forward to another year of learning with and from volunteers and students. 

We received some great press this month on the recent grant and upcoming student project season. Here are the links!

Non-profit to open preservation school in Tri-Cities,” The Progress Index, January 13, 2017. 

Notable Gift: HistoriCorps to establish East Coast office,” Richmond Times-Dispatch, January 28, 2017.


Check back in with us as we continue to grow – we’re so excited to find new staff and new offices!