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The HistoriCorps Institute™

Connecting the Head, Hand, and Heart to Save Places that Matter

HistoriCorps Institute™ is the education and training arm of HistoriCorps®, the nationally recognized leader in mobilizing citizens to save and protect places that matter. Through our Program in Heritage Conservation and Construction, students learn the decision making and time honored hands-on skills necessary to successfully complete a preservation construction project on time, on budget, and with the quality deserving of historic places.

Our community of instructors is professional, patient, and passionate about providing you with a quality experience and sense of pride of accomplishment. All of the instruction meets or exceeds the The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Treatment of Historic Properties with Guidelines for Preserving, Rehabilitating, Restoring, and Reconstructing Historic Buildings. Students entering the program regardless of age or construction experience graduate with skills that can help jumpstart a new career, augment an academic program, meet continuing education requirements, or just help authentically repair and maintain their own older buildings.

HistoriCorps Institute is not constrained by a single campus location, building type, style or material. Projects take place throughout the year at locations all over the United States in rural, suburban and urban contexts. By providing a diversity of projects and sites, students gain the flexibility to match project interest with busy personal schedules and finances.

So get your head, hand and heart connected. Browse through the website and catalog, ask us questions, then join our growing community of people that value learning by doing and care about the quality of our built environment today and for future generations to come.

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