Lookout Mountain Picnic Area, CO 2021
Lookout Mountain Picnic Area, CO 2021

Lookout Mountain Picnic Area, CO 2021

Lookout Mountain Picnic Area, CO 2021

Lookout Mountain Picnic Area was constructed by the CCC almost ninety years ago, during the Great Depression. Today, the area is in a state of disrepair, but HistoriCorps volunteers are here to turn that around! Plan to enjoy extraordinary views over Glenwood Springs on this project.

PROJECT PARTNER:  Bureau of Land Management

SESSION DATES:  September 12-17 and September 19-24

Project Site Description & History

If a place is named “Lookout,” you know the views are going to be worth the trip! Join us above the hullabaloo of thriving Glenwood Springs this fall, during Colorado’s “turning of the aspens,” to give back to this threatened CCC site, located on historically Ute Nation land.

Our partner at the BLM shares, “The Lookout Mountain CCC Campground was constructed between 1934-1936 by the Civilian Conservation Corps Company 826, Camp SP-10-C which was based out of Glenwood Springs. CCC projects occurred across Colorado, but very few projects were completed on what is now BLM lands.” The Civilian Conservation Corps was a Depression-era poverty relief program of the US Government that put young men to work on public benefit projects, especially on public lands. Corps members would receive three square meals per day, and $30 per month – $25 of which was given directly to their families. Learn more about the CCC from Theodore Roosevelt National Park here. Today, visitors still enjoy extraordinary views from Lookout Mountain, but without a well-maintained picnic area, few stay for long.

We will be working on restoring various structures in the picnic area, including the table, fire pits, subsurface bear box, and outhouse. Sign up today!

Location and Logistics

PROJECT PARTNER: Bureau of Land Management

SESSION DATES: September 12-17 and September 19-24. Please plan to arrive at our campsite no earlier than 6pm and no later than 8pm on the first day of your session.

ACCESS:    Tent camping only 

  • Dispersed camping at our campsite below the mountain top is accessible for tents, campervans, and truck campers.
  • SMALL trailers can, in a pinch, access this site but the ground is uneven and there are rocks and small boulders, so it’s not advisable!
  • Because the road up to the mountain top is 4WD, volunteers should plan to carpool in our work truck on a daily basis to and from the picnic area, or bring their own 4WD vehicle to access the site.

It’s not often we get to work on concrete structures!

Scope of Work


HistoriCorps is committed to educating and training volunteers in preservation skills, with an overarching mission of inspiring a preservation ethic in all those involved. Learning and working alongside expert HistoriCorps field staff, volunteers learned these traditional skills necessary to preserve and stabilize the historic Lookout Mountain Picnic Area.

  • Repair dry rot and replace deteriorated wood materials throughout the log outhouse (i.e., siding, sheathing, sills, trim) – 25%
  • Reroof the outhouse in cedar shingles, to match the historic roofing – 25%
  • Repair or stabilize the cement picnic tables – 25%
  • Stabilize or reconstruct the historic fire rings – 15%
  • Install interpretive sign – 10%

Please note: Tasks vary by day and by week, depending on a variety of factors including: weather, project priorities, previous groups’ work, and more. Though it is likely you will get to learn and practice most or all of the above tasks, it is not guaranteed. The higher percentage of the scope a particular task is, the more likely you will get to practice it.