Meet Our New Volunteer Manager, Liz!
Meet Our New Volunteer Manager, Liz!

Meet Our New Volunteer Manager, Liz!

Liz Rice is our brand-new Volunteer Manager, joining us on November 30 this year. She’s already been a great addition to our growing team, and is eager to meet each and every one of you! She’s busy preparing for the upcoming 2017 season, reviewing volunteer forms, checking out swag, and readying project pages for posting. We thought you’d like to learn a little about her before the busy season begins, so here goes!

Welcome to HistoriCorps! What can you tell us about yourself?
I’m a true Hoosier, having grown up in an old farmhouse near the sand dunes, orchards, and vineyards of Northern Indiana. When I graduated high school I headed to the hills of southern Indiana to study Nonprofit Management at Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs. As part of that program I really learned to appreciate the role voluntarism and active participation in civil society has played in United States culture and development. I spent a significant amount of time volunteering in the community – my favorite projects were with the regional land trust.

Your work has taken you a number of places. What were you doing before you joined HistoriCorps?
After I graduated, I served as an AmeriCorps *VISTA with a conservation corps in beautiful southwest Colorado. My work allowed me to get out and explore the four corners region, from the Rockies to the desert. Upon completion of my service, I returned to Indiana to work with farmers and other land managers in advancing soil and water conservation. I really enjoyed that position as it allowed me to meet and learn from many true stewards of our natural resources. I also got to re-connect with and celebrate the agricultural and natural heritage of the Midwest.


My most unusual job, though, has to be with the Peace Corps. Through this once-in-a-lifetime experience, I was able to use my program development experience to contribute to community development and engage in poverty alleviation work while living in a traditional community on a small island in the Philippines. I lived in very simple, small apartment with no fridge, minimal furniture, unreliable electricity, and the occasional cat. As part of my work I collaborated with local leaders to design and facilitate leadership seminars and gender equality camps for Filipino teenagers experiencing extreme poverty. I returned to the United States in August 2016 and love to share stories from my time in Asia!

What attracted you to HistoriCorps?
I’m thrilled to be working with HistoriCorps as Volunteer Manager. It’s a position that will allow me to contribute to the great tradition of American voluntarism while engaging people in the preservation of our country’s cultural heritage and history. I’m really looking forward to meeting our volunteers and field staff, whom I’ve heard so much about already. Though our program is growing, I’m committed to providing a high-quality experience to our hard-working volunteers.

Tell us a bit about your hobbies.
During my free time, I really enjoy getting into the great outdoors. This winter, I’m looking forward to cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, but during the warmer months I enjoy hiking, bicycle touring, and diving when I can get away. At home I enjoy cooking with my cast iron cookware, brewing beer with my husband, and planning the next adventure.

Thanks, Liz! Can’t wait for the 2017 season to begin!  

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Can’t wait to get in touch? Send her a welcome email or introduce yourself with a quick phone call! Contact Liz today at or by phone at 303 893-4260 x.225.