Every project we work on through HistoriCorps is unique and the volunteers who help out are amazing, each in his own way.  But certain projects are geared towards volunteers of a certain age or background, including a youth corps and a veteran corps. These projects take place throughout our regular season and are meant to provide some extra support and opportunities for younger generations. This summer, those projects include the first half of June’s Forest Lodge project in Wisconsin and July’s Black River Harbor  in Michigan. The Military Times recently published an article this May on how HistoriCorps is helping young veterans get back on their feet by learning new skills and interacting with new people.

In the article, Jason Maloney, an Army veteran and Forest Lodge team member, commented “We’ve got historic preservation and heritage working out in this beautiful natural setting on a national forest. The way I like to put it is that we’re making dollars work harder because the same dollar that we’re using for veterans training is the same dollar that’s providing historic preservation to these historic buildings.”

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