Miller Hudson and Sharon Attebery: Crew Chef Extraordinaires

Miller Hudson and Sharon Attebery: Crew Chef Extraordinaires

Miller Hudson has been volunteering with HistoriCorps for two seasons now. His tasty meals are the perfect way to reward volunteers after a hard day’s work, and his sense of humor and warm demeanor keep volunteers entertained and coming back for more. One volunteer remarked, “All I can say is, Miller is worth his weight in gold – I ate better at the job site than I do at home!” In addition to being an amazing Crew Chef, Miller passes along his knowledge to others by training our staff in the art of camp cooking.

SONY DSCMost of all, Miller likes the people he meets on HistoriCorps projects. “The men and women who are willing to give up their vacation days to make these projects a success, are uniformly warm, generous human beings and good citizens, to boot — fun to spend time with around a campfire. In return, I try to provide volunteers with a culinary experience they aren’t expecting on a camping trip. I want them to return home with a few recipes and memories of some mouth-watering surprises.” In his favorite HistoriCorps memory, Miller surprised volunteers with a crab cake dinner and a chili-cheese egg soufflé breakfast! Now, that is camping in style.

Sharon Attebery (right) has been delighting hungry volunteers with her culinary surprises for two seasons as well. She enjoys making homemade goodies as a way of saying “thank you” to the crew for their hard work. “I enjoy the people, the bonding that comes from sharing a meal together, and the sense of accomplishment I get from working on old cabins or feeding a crew that has worked all day,” she remarked. “There is such a sense of accomplishment to know that I have done something really worthwhile with my time. I also get to go places most people never get to see and I meet interesting people from all across the country who enjoy preserving a bit of history.”
Sharon was drawn to HistoriCorps’ mission because she saw the need to restore historic structures on public lands, explaining that, “HistoriCorps is partnering with a variety of entities to accomplish this goal and that is why I feel this organization is worth volunteering for.”

Sharon and Miller make each of their projects a truly great experience, and we are lucky to have the opportunity to work with them. THANK YOU for all you do!

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