By Joan Robb-Fradkin
HistoriCorps Volunteer and Donor

“Follow your passion,” is a motto I’ve tried to live by.
When my son was a little boy he’d ask, ” How will I figure out what I like to do?”
“You experiment, and when you find it, you just know,” I replied.

One of my passions has, for decades, been conservation and preservation of forests, watersheds,
wildlife corridors, undeveloped lands, and historic landmarks.
When I retired a few years ago, I was looking for a way to channel that passion into volunteer
work and came across the HistoriCorps website.
“Hmmm…combining historic preservation in remote or conserved parks; could work for a
history buff like me,” I thought.

Several projects later I’m still “rarin’ to go,” and this is why:

Through HistoriCorps I’ve traveled to places I normally would’ve never gone to- (i.e. a New
York City gal hanging out in Lexington, Kentucky and fitting in… it happened!), interacted with folks
from diverse backgrounds, and acquired new skill sets, all the while contributing to a good cause;
preserving our countries precious historic sites. And, I can now do simple masonry!
I believe land conservation and historic preservation go hand in hand, enhancing the quality of
life in our communities. Historic Preservation is a form of storytelling as well, documenting our past
contributions and activities for future generations.

By the way, the son listened to his mother, discovered his passion and became a Hollywood

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