Smuggler’s Notch Firepits, VT 2019

Smuggler’s Notch Firepits, VT 2019

Partner: Vermont Forest, Parks, and Recreation

Site Description: A famous pass through the Green Mountains, Smugglers' Notch is lined with thousand-foot cliffs. The pass name isn't simply fanciful, though - during the early 1800s, under-resourced Vermonters ignored US-Canada embargoes and smuggled goods through the notch. Later, enslaved peoples in America made a run for freedom to Canada through the Notch. And in the 1920s, bootleggers used the pass to smuggle liquor in defiance of Prohibition. Nowadays, Smugglers' Notch is an attractive state park, but its inviting picnic area firepits are in dire need of repair. HistoriCorps volunteers will camp onsite; and as you can imagine, this project will mostly involve masonry work!

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