The Fleet Report: #3
The Fleet Report: #3

The Fleet Report: #3

This barge was definitely the shakiest road I rode last year!

The tales of HistoriCorps, as told by our stalwart fleet of trucks.

Hello, this is Pierre, and it’s nice to re-introduce myself! You may remember me from last year’s north woods projects, including Forest Lodge and Mather-Klauer Lodge. Well, I’ve decided to really commit to the world of preservation and joined the HistoriCorps Institute. As I am sure you have all heard by now, the guys set up a new HistoriCorps location in Petersburg, VA, to house the Eastern Regional Office, and the HistoriCorps Institute. It’s a good thing trucks like us are around, they can count on us to get our equipment, gear, and field crew to these projects that are happening here on the eastern part of the country!

I want to make sure you all know about the HistoriCorps Institute. I’m really fired up about it! I was so excited to hear that people who participate in projects can also earn a certification in historic preservation, and jumped at the chance. Anyone – even a truck! – who wants to gain hands-on experience while building employable skills in preservation construction may register as an Institute student. These folks work right alongside general public volunteers on HistoriCorps projects. The classroom experience is great, sure, but what I really wanna do is put that book knowledge to the test in the field!

The always-popular Forest Lodge project will feature mainly HistoriCorps Institute students this year – including me! (Although I’m not sure my 4WD can get me up on the roof…). Students will get to work alongside our expert field staff, and while doing so earn the (drumroll please…)

  1. HistoriCorps Institute Certificate of Achievement in Heritage Conservation and Construction

    Measure once, cut twice. I’ve not heard better advice!
  2. Not one, but two academic credits at Northland College in Wisconsin
  3. And a stipend!
  4. And if that wasn’t enough, those students will also have the added bonus of not one, but two courses which will be taught onsite by HistoriCorps Institute instructors!

So what will these students be working on, you ask? Like many preservation projects, Forest Lodge needs some TLC in the form of repairing, restoring, rehabilitating, and repointing (whew, try saying that five times fast!). A few weeks ago I was watching episodes of This Old House in preparation of the upcoming project season, and am real excited to learn all about what it takes to repoint mortar and stonework. I’ve got my pointing trowel and mortar board ready to go!

This project really are the perfect opportunity for students who are planning to pursue a career in historic preservation. Who knows? Maybe one of these students will even join the HistoriCorps family (and me!) as a Crew Leader or Project Supervisor after they graduate the program! 

Till next time – I’ve got studying to do!