The Fleet Report, #4
The Fleet Report, #4

The Fleet Report, #4

You know what’s really difficult? Working hard in relaxing places. My community of preservationists and I, Bodie, are here in Southern California, the region that originally combined the words “life” and “style.” But as my SoCal guru says, discipline beats motivation any day. And I have discipline – I’m built for it.

What, you’re surprised a truck has a guru? Well, now’s the day to open your mind: we all need some guidance on the road! My guru always said, “Bodie girl, if you find yourself unsure of where to go, pick a direction and go confidently in it.” So that’s what I did. And now here I am: SoCal!

After spending the season with Kat last year rolling around the cool, high country in California and Arizona (including some single-digit temps in Bodie, the town of my namesake – whoo! I thought my tires were gonna freeze off), I teamed up with Charlotte and Basil and beelined for the sun and palm trees of SoCal, where soul-searchers and yogis of the ages have found true community.

Spidey’s stronger than any of us, which made her one of the MVPs on this project.

I thought that I’d really get to meditate on my aura here, maybe meet some stars (Johnny Depp’s gotta be around here somewhere….), and enjoy some sunrise yoga before eating farm-fresh eggs and berries with artisanal toast, but then along came… Spidey

No, not the super hero. This one, off to the right. Spidey the Spydercrane. 



I must admit, I certainly wasn’t expecting to see someone so… so… so not SoCal. But like my guru always says, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” So, if Spidey with all her crazy limbs and hydraulic strength can be part of SoCal, then I guess Bodie the truck can have a guru.

The work we are doing is beautiful, that’s for sure. The Glendora District Office courtyard is a picture of grace, and with the help of our dedicated volunteers, we’ve been doing some serious hard work to re-level the pavement squares and replant the olive trees. Every time Spidey uprooted one of the old trees, I said a little blessing for it like my guru recommended, but it was sad to see them go. They were getting so big they upheaved the pavement, and I suppose the pollen made the Forest Service office employees’ noses and eyes hurt, kind of like when my air filter needs to be changed. This office is part of the Angeles National Forest, and still home to a number of Forest Service employees.

When all that was done, Charlotte looked at me and said, “Lady, have I got a treat for us! We’re heading to Oceanside to pick up some new baby trees.” And when we got there, I saw why she said it was a treat.

Now this, I said, this is the SoCal I’ve been dreaming of. This week, we’re planting the new trees (a variety that doesn’t produce pollen, at that). And when our work here is done, we’ll head back to the Red Rocks CCC Camp for a rest (aka shavasana) and restocking. 

The journey was pretty amazing. Not only did I get to experience SoCal like I thought it was, I also learned that Spidey can be part of it – and, maybe one day again, Bodie the truck. Namaste


P.S. Tate says “yo.” He’s down south of Tucson at the Canelo Guard Station now, but doesn’t have service there. Guess that means no Instagramming like I can do from Glendora! Check out our photos here

This is what I thought it was gonna be like here.

That’s when Spidey showed up.

My guru says, “moderation in all things, even moderation.”

This trip was a dream! I’m so glad Charlotte and Basil took me with them.