Stories and updates from the field, as told by HistoriCorps' stalwart fleet of trucks.


Howdy folks,

Buckaroo here. Long time no see. Well, it’s only been a month, but in truck years, that sure is a lifetime. We’ve been up in Denver Mountain Parks, high above the city at our annual truck roundup, better known as “Truck Rally ’18,” or, as young folks call it, “da bomb” (our sidekicks at HistoriCorps call it Field Staff Training 2018, but us trucks don’t need no training). It was filled with Tate’s vinyl records being played all night, Bodie’s hip “yoga” sessions durin’ daytime, and Big Sis Xena always yellin’ at everyone for not picking up after themselves. She was madder than a wet hen.

Oh, and of course Pieeerree was there, our French buddy who was reading day and night for his HistoriCorps Institute courses near the campfire. He’s a good student and the courses are good for him, but even the institute encourages fun every now and then. All work and no play make Pieeerree a dull boy. Apparently the French don’t like smores though. Never been over there so I wouldn’t know. Oh well, I guess someone had to save them… twice.

We sure did miss Tina though, she was busy up in Quite Cove, New York with our buddies, Craig Asher and Julie Galluzo, savin’ part of America’s history. Someone’s gotta do it. God bless Tina for workin’ while we are out here havin’ a good time.

The rally was quite the shindig. Did have a few surprises though – and lot’s of funny moments. Have you ever had a newbie try to back you up with a trailer? Now that was good for a lotta laughs. And taking ladders off the top of our trailers? Ha! These young folks have a lot to learn, but don’t worry Nick Diaz and Ethan Raath, if nothing else, we are patient (and we won’t laugh, or at least try not to).

Our newest addition, Titan, he’s quite the fella. F350 - REALLY big guy. Old-timer like me – and old school, too. Our mentors were our red Chevy granddaddies’. They really were old school! I remember when granddaddy Bubba, back in my Alabama hometown used to take me round the corner to Billy’s Garage for some fine tuning every year. Everything sure ran smoother once Billy replaced my oil; So these days, we pick up a lotta gunk on those dirt and Jeep roads! But changin’ oil is a whole different ballgame on these fancy engines they put in us nowadays. They say it has to do with what we send out our back ends. Go figure … sorry folks, off rambling again …

Well everyone, I reckon Titan and I are going to be very special friends, and even be rollin’ together when we’re not out there savin’ America’s history. No rest for the weary. No sooner had we been settling into a good time at Truck Rally ’18 than we were on the road in every direction. The folks at HistoriCorps have lined up a full season for sure.

Titan & Buckaroo... Future BFFs?

So today, I am in the Golden State working at Bodie-Benton Railroad Office with Doug Lorimer and Kat Weisbecker. It’s been one heckuva project. I mean it folks, they say the Hoist House right next to us is haunted, “ghosts ‘n’ all.” I believe it, ever since I saw that movie Ghost with that fella Swayze somethin’. Sure was a great movie. ‘Course young people aren’t so impressed.

We’ve all been good out here, gittin’ ‘er done! Even at the haunted house, Titan’s even been pitchin’ in, helpin’ Kyle Bernard and Charlotte Helmer. Now those two know how to work, and more impressive yet, they know how to inspire our volunteers to do amazing things – and have fun bein’ amazing! You can look here if you want on The Facebook. Should call it the Truckbook, doncha’ know.

Well, Pierre taught me a little French back in Coloradoo (get it? Buckaroo in Coloradoo? Nevermind). So he taught me like, how to sign off en francais (France-ay) so here we go … “Aou Rivouur…. folks.”

- Buckaroo

Logan and Raath give Xena a check-up before heading off to O'Fallon Park Chimney

Titan helping out the crew at Bodie Hoist House