Urban Archeology Corps Program

Urban Archeology Corps Program

HistoriCorps Urban Archeology Program

We are thrilled to partner with the National Park Service to coordinate an Urban Archeology Corps at Petersburg National Battlefield in Virginia in 2021!

Urban Archeology Corps (UAC) recruit young people age 15-26 to learn about urban national parks through conducting archaeological tasks. UAC sites have diverse histories and unique and special resources. Local, diverse youth are the primary participants in UAC programs.  According to the NPS, UAC team projects “may include historical research, interpretation, excavation, and public outreach. Participants help build bridges between parks and communities.” Through participating in an UAC experience, young people use archaeology as a vehicle to explore civic engagement, become stewards of national parks, and are exposed to career opportunities with the National Park Service. Read an inspiring story about one UAC group’s work in Richmond here.

Recruitment is Open!

To apply, review the program requirements and instructions here.