Volunteer Spotlight: Amy Unger & Megan Potter
Volunteer Spotlight: Amy Unger & Megan Potter

Volunteer Spotlight: Amy Unger & Megan Potter

When Amy Unger (left) and Megan Potter (right) register for a HistoriCorps project, we know that the project is in good hands. For the past two years, Alma, Colorado residents Amy and Megan have eagerly participated in every HistoriCorps project they could get their hands on, a total of 6 projects to date. This season, they took it up a notch by fine tuning their preservation skills and displaying exemplary leadership, taking charge of training less experienced volunteers. Crew Leader Ruth Guthrie remarked, “Amy Unger’s leadership on window work was consistent and high quality. She and Megan Potter trained Kevin and Sarah quickly to assist them with window prep, glazing, and painting.”

In addition to volunteering on-site, Amy has worked with HistoriCorps in the project development phase. As a Preservation Planner for Park County, Amy played an instrumental role in planning HistoriCorps’ Clesson Cabin project, and of course, she and Megan volunteered to see the project’s completion. “As preservation planner and the owner of a historic home, the chance to learn hands-on preservation skills from experienced craftspeople in a fun and relaxed environment is an incredible opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. I love that HistoriCorps gives me a chance to get my hands dirty and get physically involved in the preservation of historic buildings that might otherwise fall into ruin and be lost forever. It is especially rewarding to work on public buildings and know that our work will help future generations better understand Colorado’s history.”

Ryan Megan Becca Dan and Amy 2
Megan (2nd to left) and Amy (right)

Amy continued, “Volunteering with HistoriCorps is rewarding in so many ways for me, both professionally and personally. You meet so many interesting people and I love the sense of camaraderie that develops on site. I particularly enjoy projects in remote areas where you can leave your cell phone behind and wake up every morning to the beauty of Colorado’s mountains. Professionally, volunteering with HistoriCorps allows me to directly apply my preservation training in a hands-on way, which provides me with invaluable experience that I can then bring to projects in my county.”

Amy’s favorite project so far has been stabilization of the Tobasco Cabin in 2012. “We had a fantastic crew of people who came together to achieve an amazing amount of progress in a short period of time. It was a great feeling to be part of a team working hard toward a common goal in a really positive way. This may seem odd to someone who hasn’t done it, but there is nothing like the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that I felt when we were all working together to lift a huge new log into place.”

Megan’s joy and passion come through speaking about her participation. “It was a really great experience getting to learn and accomplish so much this summer. All of the folks working on behalf of HistoriCorps really blew me away with their patience, passion, and friendliness during the process. I feel the skills I’ve gained will also really allow me to give back to our local community in a whole new way.” Megan was recently featured in an article on HistoriCorps in the Erickson Tribune. She discussed how the skills she learned on HistoriCorps’ projects have broadened her horizons and knowledge base, enabling her to restore the windows in her own home! As a “hands-on” person and lover of history and the outdoors, HistoriCorps’ projects provide the perfect outlet for her.

Megan and Amy have brought a breadth of expertise and enthusiasm to so many of HistoriCorps’ projects, and we’re honored to have had the pleasure of working with them. We look forward to more fun times next summer!