Volunteer Spotlight: Rachael Bray

Volunteer Spotlight: Rachael Bray

No matter the weather conditions, HistoriCorps has always been able to count on Rachael Bray to volunteer. Snow, torrential rain, floods and high temperatures have never stopped Rachael from venturing out to participate in a HistoriCorps project. Her drive and dedication to preservation have impressed both staff and fellow volunteers alike.

Rachael has attended four projects over the past two seasons including Baehrden Lodge, Hannah Barker House, Echo Lake Picnic Shelter, and Historic Elitch Gardens Theatre. She initially became involved with HistoriCorps through Colorado Preservation, Incorporated (CPI). The opportunity to give back to her community and contribute to saving historic places motivated Rachael to sign up for her first project. Over the course of her time as a HistoriCorps volunteer, Rachael has enjoyed learning the history behind the buildings she has worked on and their surrounding areas. The lure of visiting unique places, meeting new people, and developing new skills has brought Rachael back to participate in a second, third and fourth project.

Rachael remarked that one of her fondest memories from volunteering is “drinking beer in the historic lodge bar while it poured rain outside during the 2013 floods at Echo Lake.” Rachael was the only volunteer able to attend the Echo Lake Picnic Shelter project that weekend on account of all of the flooding. After a long weekend of working on the partially covered picnic shelter in the rain, her beer was much deserved!

HistoriCorps credits our success to the hardworking volunteers like Rachael who travel to project sites come rain or shine. We wish nothing but the best weather for Rachael’s next project. Thank you, Rachael!

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