Volunteer Spotlight: Todd Woolf

Volunteer Spotlight: Todd Woolf

Todd Woolf: HistoriCorps Ambassador!

Todd Woolf has shared his passion for HistoriCorps by not only volunteering, but also by helping to spread the word about HistoriCorps in his own community. Originally from Laramie, Wyoming, Todd discovered us by chance while searching for internships, and HistoriCorps was exactly what he was looking for – something he could participate in during the summer months, on his own schedule.

Since then, Todd has participated in three HistoriCorps projects and has worked to promote HistoriCorps to his classmates at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), where he is pursuing a degree in Historic Preservation with a minor in Museum Studies. He gave a presentation to the Student Preservation Association about volunteering with HistoriCorps and has promoted HistoriCorps projects around campus by posting flyers and talking to students. His efforts have helped promote HistoriCorps to folks around the country, especially on the east coast. The HistoriCorps team is incredibly grateful for his support and happy to have the opportunity to work with him again this summer at the Devil’s Head Lookout Tower!

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