Well, we didn’t win, but we FEEL like winners with all the support we got from each and every one of you, our volunteers, followers and supporters.

HistoriCorps teamed up with Joshua Tree National Park in an effort to drum up votes to win cash for restoration of Keys Ranch. We were battling the big national parks – like Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, and the Great Smoky Mountains – in the Vote Your Park contest, hosted by the National Trust, National Geographic, and American Express. There were 20 parks altogether racing to win up to $250,000 for their proposed restoration project. The park that received the most number of votes during the contest (which took place from May 25 to July 5, 2016) was Yellowstone National Park, winning money for restoration of the Brink of Upper Falls Lookout, one of ten overlooks at the canyon, which needs rehabilitation of the historic stone work there. The parks in the top nine won cash for their projects.

In coordination with Joshua Tree National Park, HistoriCorps stopped by Vote California (2)local California hotels and gave them postcards to hand out to guests; reached out to the hundreds of artists who have painted, sang, and created at the park; sent out press releases to dozens of press contacts and bloggers both in California and Colorado; posted to social media via twitter, instagram, linkedin and facebook; emailed our entire contacts list with news of the contest; and handed out stickers and cards to park visitors and HistoriCorps colleagues and volunteers alike. Near the middle of the contest, we even teamed up with the two other California parks in the running – Yosemite and Golden Gate – in the hopes of drumming up extra media and voters. The marketing duo and the rest of the HistoriCorps team here came up with a number of fun ideas, both manageable and outlandish, and in the end, we know we put our best foot forward and tried our hardest!

We wanted to give a big THANK YOU to each one of you who voted once a day every day for the length of the contest – we mean every word when we say we wouldn’t be where we are today with each of you! So thank you, thank you for all of your support and stay tuned for our future projects and activities this season and beyond.