What is the Field School?
What is the Field School?

What is the Field School?

IMG_0665 - CopyBy now, you’ve probably heard about HistoriCorps’ new partnership with Lamar Community College to launch the first-of-its-kind Historic Preservation Program with the Field School for Saving Places.

But what exactly is the Field School for Saving Places? Well, we’re glad you asked!

Field School for Saving Places turns HistoriCorps projects into on-site classrooms. Students can participate in intensive weekend workshops, sign up for one-or-several weeks on a remote historic site, or join a group of fellow students that travels among multiple HistoriCorps projects in the “Semester Afield.”

Like all HistoriCorps projects, the experience covers a wide range of preservation and construction skills, including carpentry, masonry, log work, structural repairs, roofing, and window and door restoration. Now, students can earn up to ten college credits while working on these amazing sites!

DSC00320During the day, instruction happens through hands-on work on a real job site. In the evening, the learning continues around the campfire, dining-room table, or other improvised classroom, supplementing and contextualizing what they learned during the day. Students will learn through peer interaction, expert instruction, and practice, practice, practice!

If you or someone you know enjoys hands-on learning, come join us for more rewarding experiences! Field School for Saving Places will make a difference in your life by making a difference in the life of a historic building!

For more information about HistoriCorps’ Field School for Saving Places and the Lamar Community College Historic Preservation Program, contact George McQueen at george.mcqueen@lamarcc.edu or 303-893-4260 x 231, or visit the HistoriCorps or Lamar Community College websites.

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