2012MeekerRanch (2)HistoriCorps is the ultimate volunteer vacation. Our projects are designed with the volunteer in mind. Tools, safety equipment, and meals are included in all work projects. Our project leaders are hired because they are not only specialists in their field but because they are impassioned teachers that want to pass on traditional building and restoration trades skills to a new generation of preservationists.
Some of the many restoration and building trades volunteers can expect to learn are:

• log cabin construction and restoration
• roofing with cedar shingles and corrugated metal
• stud framing construction
• masonry repointing and repair
• window and door repair and reconstruction
• sustainable energy installation
• fence construction and repair

SAMSUNGWhile most of our projects do not require any previous work experience others are designed for the intermediate tradesman looking to learn a new skill. When signing up for a project please inform us of your skill and energy level so that we can best match you with tasks.

Project lengths vary from two days to two weeks or longer.

Our projects are all located in historic and unique places on or near public lands. Some projects are backcountry and require hiking or horsepacking to get crews and supplies to the site while other projects are located in small towns and drive-up accessible. Some sites need basic stabilization or painting while others need an entire summer to be rehabilitated. What all the projects have in common is the ability for dedicated volunteers to make a tangible and positive difference in the future of threatened historic resources.

Sign up for one of our projects and make a difference!

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