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“Without people like us, a lot of these things just go to waste and rot away because nobody has the money, the time, or the work force to do it." - Amanda, HistoriCorps Volunteer

Donate Today.

Gifts may be made via the online form below, or by check. Contact Donald Rae, development and marketing manager, with any questions at

Volunteers may also be able to take advantage of Employer Matching Programs, through which a participating employer will donate the value of the volunteer's time to HistoriCorps. Email to learn more.

This Amount... Can Fund...
$30 Personal safety equipment for one volunteer, including hard hat, gloves, safety goggles, chaps, and more
$60 Meals for one volunteer for one week of project work
$120 Common power tools, like cordless drills, nail guns, and more
$240 Specialized log working tools, like drawknives and axes
$480 Large equipment and tools like chop saws and table saws