Our Dedicated HistoriCorps team. Leadership with a difference.

 “Our work is important, simply because if we forget our history, we really won’t have any direction for our future.”
— HistoriCorps Project Supervisor John Bales

HistoriCorps Board of Directors

Edward Weihman
Edward WeihmanChairman of the Board

Ned resides in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, with his wife and their three dogs. An avid reader, his hobbies include snowshoeing in the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest, snowboarding, and squash. He currently operates a strategic consulting business for small, privately owned companies. Earlier in his career he was a banker with with Chemical Bank, Wasserstein Perella, and Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein. He was formerly on the board of Beacon Power, a manufacturer of high-speed carbon fiber flywheels that provide a green alternative to electric grid frequency regulation. Ned holds a BA from Williams College, and an MBA from Columbia University.

Kim Mailes
Kim MailesSecretary

Kim Mailes is a frequent volunteer on HistoriCorps projects and a member of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. He currently serves as chair of the Carver Birthplace Association and supervises restoration of the 1872 Neosho Colored School, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The historic schoolhouse is the first educational institution attended by George Washington Carver during the Reconstruction Era following the Civil War. Active in civic affairs, he has served on the boards of directors of The Crowder College Foundation and his local public school district and chamber of commerce. He received a BA in English from Missouri Southern State University, and an MFA in Creative Writing from The University of Missouri-St. Louis. He owns and manages a real estate investment firm and resides in Neosho, MO.

Robert G. H. Pahl
Robert G. H. PahlDirector

Robert attended the University of Colorado School of Architecture, graduating in 1973. He joined his father and brother at Pahl and Associates, a Denver-based architecture firm.  The firm name later changed to Pahl-Pahl-Pahl Architects/Planners pc. Rob’s specialty was renovating, restoring, adapting and preserving buildings. He has received 13 local, regional and national awards for historic preservation, including two Steven Hart awards, one CPI award, one Historic Denver award, one Historic Boulder award and five American Institute of Architects preservation awards. Rob and his brother assumed ownership after their father retired in 1984, renaming the firm Pahl Architecture pc. Rob retired in 2017.

Robert Gowdy
Robert GowdyDirector

Bob resides in Englewood, Colorado.  An avid golfer, his hobbies also include racquet ball and hiking in Grand Teton National Park. His career as a CPA included tenures at Coors Brewing Company, Samsonite and Einstein Noah Restaurant Group. He holds a BS from Miami University and a Master of Accountancy from The Ohio State University.

Molly Fay
Molly FayDirector

Molly joins HistoriCorps’ Board as an enthusiastic volunteer and historic preservation lover. She is a native of Denver and spends most of her time horseback riding and playing rec sports. Currently, Molly is a Real Estate Strategic Planner at CenturyLink and a member of the global leadership team for the company’s Millennial employee resource group. She has volunteered extensively with organizations in Juarez, New Orleans and Harlan, KY as well as the Blackfeet Reservation in northern Montana. She holds a BA in American Studies and MBA from La Salle University in Philadelphia, PA.

Holly Norton
Holly NortonDirector

Dr. Norton received her BA in anthropology from the University of South Carolina, and an MA and PhD from Syracuse University in anthropology with her dissertation “Estate by Estate: The Landscape of the 1733 St. Jan Slave Rebellion.” She has worked as an archaeologist conducting both prehistoric and historical archaeological investigations, as well as historical architectural surveys, for a variety of state and federal agencies and private environmental firms, including the South Carolina Department of Transportation and the National Park Service. Norton currently serves as the Colorado State Archaeologist and the Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer at History Colorado where she focuses on a variety of regulatory issues including the Section 106 process.

W. Bart Berger
W. Bart BergerDirector

W. Bart Berger is a staunch Coloradoan, a fourth-generation Coloradan, entrepreneur, innovator and storyteller with a passion for preserving both the natural environment and the legacy of Colorado leadership, weaving the two together for future generations. Bart founded and now serves on the Board of Directors for the Denver Mountain Parks Foundation., For 21 years, Mr. Berger served on the Board of History Colorado. As chairman of the Board, Mr. Berger helped guide the organization from the Colorado Historical Society to History Colorado and build the History Colorado Center. Mr. Berger has also worked with a host of civic non-profits. In 2004, he founded the Denver Mountain Parks Foundation to restore and revitalize the historic Denver Mountain Park system. He is currently working with the City and HistoriCorps to transform the 1930s Morrison CCC camp into a learning campus for outdoor education and skills training.

Robert MusgravesDirector Emeritus
Founding Director of HistoriCorps. Retired former President and COO of Titanium Metals Corp.
Paul FrankeDirector Emeritus
Founding Director of HistoriCorps. Polsinelli PC; attorney pro bono for HistoriCorps
Michael MetcalfDirector Emeritus
Founding Director of HistoriCorps; o-founder of Metcalf Archaeological Consultants, Inc.


HistoriCorps’ field staff travel all across the country to lead crews of volunteers, students, and veterans in the hands-on preservation work that saves historic buildings and structures for public benefit. We have a lot of all-stars on our team. Their skills are as varied as the projects they work on!  They range from passionate experts with over forty years of experience to students just entering the field of preservation.  HistoriCorps field staff include all manner of craftspeople and some of the best outdoor chefs you could ever hope to meet. Field staff don’t only enjoy the preservation work; they are passionate about teaching and guiding the crews of volunteers, students, and veterans on projects.  They make sure that everyone has a hand in saving places for generations to come.

Project Supervisors

Project Supervisors are the technical preservation experts on a HistoriCorps crew. They are responsible for everyone and everything related to their respective work sites. Project Supervisors take on one or more projects in a season. In no particular order, please welcome our new and returning Project Supervisors!

ERIC WHITE has spent most of his working career in some form of construction and enjoys seeing a project come together. He says, “Most recently, my work has been developing training programs for youth and adults entering into construction and getting them skilled in the trades. I’ve trained 750+ people and counting and love to share the fun of building! I first started out in the industry building custom homes and additions before shifting into commercial finish work and flooring. I ran a handyman business for several years, dabbled in theater set construction, and of course, worked in historic preservation too! I have a keen interest in sustainability and working with natural resources in local communities abroad. I’ve had the privilege of working with the great Historicorps team in previous years and I’m so excited to help keep these historic structures alive for future generations! Each structure has a story to tell and we get to continue that priceless chronicle with perseverance and care. Not to mention the killer burgers after a hard day of work! The top 3 things I am excited about this summer: 1) Working with volunteers! 2) Saving places! 3) Exploring the great outdoors!”

RUTH GUTHRIE holds an MA in cultural anthropology from the University of Montana and a BA in History. She has worked to preserve historic structures and sites through her hands-on efforts with HistoriCorps and through legal work in land conservation. At an early age she would convince her family pull over on road trips so she could snap pictures of old barns and homesteads. Now she is thrilled to have found the opportunity to preserve the historic structures so dear to her. She believes that through historic preservation, individuals can strengthen their connection to their past, and in turn, contribute to the revitalization and health of their communities.

NATALIE HENSHAW earned her AAS from Savannah Technical College’s Historic Preservation and Restoration Program in 2013. During and after this program, she’s worked in hands-on preservation with various non-profits, construction companies, and federal agencies. In 2014, Natalie started working on projects with HistoriCorps. She runs her own preservation company in Savannah, Georgia, between projects with HistoriCorps. Her projects focus on window restoration and masonry. Natalie enjoys traveling and hiking, and typically has lawful good alignment.

PATRICK KENNEDY has been involved in hands-on historic building renovation since the early ’70s. He began with residential and commercial buildings in Northern Kentucky and then log buildings. Relocating to central Kentucky in the early ’80s he continued to work on all aspects of the renovation and restoration of historic log and wood frame buildings including window restoration. He accepted a position in 1997 with the Kentucky Heritage Council (KHC), the State Historic Preservation Office. He worked there for fifteen years as an adviser for historic building and covered bridge renovations throughout the State. During his tenure at KHC he set up a nationally recognized hands-on restoration skills program at Pine Mountain Settlement School with major assistance from Bob Yapp. Patrick continues his work in historic preservation as a go-to source for historic building projects, contractor for special preservation projects, instructor at hands on education workshops and demonstrations, and supervisor for HistoriCorps volunteer projects.

JOHN BALES has been in the construction industry for approximately thirty years. He is a 2006 graduate of Danville Area College Hands on Preservation Program with an emphasis on both preservation techniques as well as social policy. In his professional career John has taken a special interest in wood window restoration, as well as the replication of wooden components such as trim pieces that are no longer available. Woodworking is his true passion. In the world of “cookie-cutter” home building John found his skills to be almost redundant. Architectural preservation can be challenging and frustrating, but always immensely rewarding, and every building preserved staves off those cookie-cutter homes that had no need for his talents!

RYAN PROCHASKA came to HistoriCorps for the opportunity it would give him to work with fellow preservationists and also, in his words, “to travel and enjoy the great outdoors”. His career in historic preservation has brought together three passions in his life: art, architecture and sustainability. He firmly believes that by preserving the built environment we can reduce our impact on the environment. Ryan enjoys meeting inspiring people who enjoy the outdoors and love working with their hands.

JOHN BURNELL was immediately attracted to HistoriCorps due to the combination of remote wilderness sites and preserving historic structures. Having always been in awe of the structures he finds on top of a mountain or miles from any road, let alone a town, it was an easy decision to join a group whose mission is to save these amazing places. When he is not on a HistoriCorps site, you will find Jonathan down by the river or up in the mountains. He is most looking forward to continuing work on projects we began last season, stating that it’s satisfying to watch them move forward year to year. At the same time Jonathan enjoys confronting those unforeseen challenges that are inevitable when you begin working with historic structures.

STEVE HARRIS is an Iowa farm boy, Anthropology student, Gulf of Mexico oil field worker, New Mexico cowboy, Leadville hard rock miner and building contractor, and finally, historic preservation carpenter and Project Supervisor for Historicorps. It only took Steve 45 years to figure out what he wanted to be when he grew up. Steve has completed 8 seasons and 32 projects with Historicorps to date!

MIKE LOGAN started a historic conservation career in the early 1980s while working with Howard County Department of Recreation and Parks in Maryland. He came from a construction trade background and after attending two Preservation Trades Network conferences he was hooked on preservation. Having previously attended two trade schools, he received a degree from Goucher College’s Professional Studies in Historic Preservation program and started working for Historic Preservation Specialists, Inc. in Smithsburg, MD. Mike has since taught historic preservation to students and others interested in learning how to care for their homes. This year with HistoriCorps, Mike is looking forward to learning the ways of the West and getting lost on trout streams with a fly rod (and bear spray). He plans to watch many sunrises and learn many new things.

CATHY COOKE has a BA in Anthropology from Creighton University and an AA in Historic Preservation from Colorado Mountain College.  She started her work with HistoriCorps as a Crew Leader in 2010, and in 2019 took on the roll as Project Supervisor.  In addition to her preservation work, Cathy owns her own business ‘Whole Home and Body Health’ working as a Holistic Nutritionist and Building Biologist – assessing homes for Indoor Air Quality and Electromagnetic Radiation exposure.  As a business owner, staying active with HistoriCorps sharpens her skills as a Building Biologist and keeps her connected to the important mission and the amazing community that HistoriCorps has built over the years.

BROCK LEIENDECKER is a Preservation Carpenter in Massachusetts and Instructor at North Bennet Street School in Boston, MA. He specializes in timber framing, window restoration, and wood turning. Brock has worked on projects with several museums, historical societies, and a project acquired by the National Building Museum. A graduate of Providence College and North Bennet Street School, Brock brings a background of nonprofit work, volunteer management, and preservation carpentry to HistoriCorps.

Crew Leaders

Crew Leaders assist the Project Supervisor, as well as prepare meals for project participants. Crew Leaders usually lead several projects throughout a HistoriCorps season, and connect with volunteers all over the country! Please welcome our new and returning Crew Leaders!

  Alex Randall joins the HistoriCorps crew for the first time in 2020! Alex says, “While studying abroad in India, I found a passion for traditional building forms and the stories they have to tell. That passion is what led me to Historicorps. I love getting ‘hands on’ and learning about the unique history of each Historicorps project. In my free time I like to explore the outdoors and write music. I look forward to meeting you in the field!”

Veronica Bejarano calls the blue ridge mountains of Asheville, North Carolina home but since graduating with a degree in Psychology from UNC Asheville, she has been elsewhere. Veronica has been focused on developing her natural building skills by working with cob, adobe, bamboo, straw bale, hempcrete, and wooden boat building. This work has taken Veronica to Ecuador, Colombia, Cuba, Costa Rica, California and Utah and now she looks forward to returning to the states to partner with HistoriCorps and continue on this path of building and learning. Veronica is passionate about creating and protecting safe and beautiful spaces for the public and empowering others to as well, and hopes to continue working toward increasing our resiliency together.

Julie Galluzzo holds a Master’s Degree in Historic Preservation from Boston Architectural College. Asked to describe what it was like to work in the field with HistoriCorps, Julie’s reply was simple. “It’s great,” she said. “There is a lot of learning that goes on during a project, whether it’s learning by doing, or learning by dealing with different kinds of people. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in historic preservation”.

Colby Baker-Thayer joins the HistoriCorps team for the first time in 2020, but has been working in historic preservation for the past three years. Colby says, “I enjoy getting to explore new parts of the country while expanding my skills. I’m excited to work for HistoriCorps and hopefully spark an interest in historic preservation for more people!”

Kendryn Gates is currently in her third year of BA studies at Metropolitan University of Denver, double majoring in American History and Anthropology. She has volunteered with HistoriCorps in the past on Peninsula Point Lighthouse and Little Park Wellhouse as a Kitchen & Camp Helper. Her volunteering experiences are not just limited to HistoriCorps and currently has been volunteering as a Museum Ambassador at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science for 3 years! Since coming onboard in August 2018, she has worked as a Crew Leader on several projects, most of them in Colorado.

Daniel Ensalaco is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer with a B.A. in History and a Minor in Italian Studies from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He moved away from Chicago to New Mexico for his love of the outdoors. Through his travels in Italy, the Philippines, and Japan Daniel has picked up many cultural recipes, so expect a diverse menu throughout projects. Daniel got his start in historic preservation after working at the Jane Addams Hull House in Chicago. He is excited to meet and work with all the wonderful HistoriCorps volunteers.

HistoriCorps is welcoming new field staff every season! We will be posting new profiles for this season’s excellent staff soon, so stay tuned!

Would you like to apply for a field staff position? Click here to view job descriptions.


Townsend H. “Towny” Anderson
Townsend H. “Towny” Anderson CEO / Executive Director

Towny Anderson has over 40 years of experience with historic preservation. He has restored historic properties first as craftsman, then contractor, and later developer and owner. He was an independent scholar, cum laude graduate of Middlebury College and attended the Preservation Leadership Training program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Anderson served as Vermont’s first appointed State Historic Preservation Officer, as Director of the National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers and as Chair of the Vermont Historic Preservation Advisory Council. He is a Senior Fellow of the American Leadership Forum. Anderson co-wrote groundbreaking statewide legislation encouraging reinvestment in Vermont’s historic downtowns. He was a founding board member of MainStreet Steamboat Springs. Two of his certified historic rehabilitation projects received National Trust Preservation Honor awards. Appointed Executive Director of HistoriCorps in August 2012, Towny Anderson is bringing together everything he loves about historic preservation – buildings, people, beautiful places, and education. 

Jason Whitehead
Jason WhiteheadDirector of Operations

Ever since he can remember Jason has been surrounded by old houses, from his grandmother’s 1840s farmhouse to his more than twenty years with the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. He received his Bachelor’s degree in history from Virginia Commonwealth University and went on to complete a rigorous apprenticeship in traditional masonry at Colonial Williamsburg. He later became the first Master of Masonry Trades there. A key element of his work was the making and firing of handmade bricks using traditional methods. He also specialized in developing authentic mortars and plasters for use in preservation work and has worked on some of the oldest buildings in Virginia and North Carolina. Jason is based in Petersburg, VA with his family and farm.

Denis Moran
Denis MoranOperations Manager

Denis is a native Coloradan who brings significant experience in leading hands-on historic preservation projects, especially on public lands. When he’s not leading crews of volunteers and students as a HistoriCorps project supervisor, he will be leading HistoriCorps’ operations – from trucks to tools and all that in between. Denis is based in HistoriCorps’ headquarters in Morrison, CO, but spends a significant amount of time in the field leading projects.

Kyle Bernard
Kyle BernardProject Manager - Southern Region and East Coast

Kyle Bernard is a traditional building specialist focusing on the preservation of pre-20th century American structures. He holds a master’s degree in Historic Preservation from the Boston Architectural College, was classically trained in preservation carpentry at the North Bennet Street School and completed his undergraduate studies at Northeastern University in Political Science. Prior to finishing his schooling, Bernard served five years as an aviation electronics technician in the United States Navy. Since beginning his career in preservation he has completed work on significant historic structures across the nation, including multiple National Historic Landmarks and museum properties in New England. He is based in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Sarah Mees
Sarah MeesProjects Manager - Rocky Mountain Region

Sarah Mees is a HistoriCorps volunteer turned Crew Leader, having worked on projects in OR, CA, and CO in 2019. She then became a HistoriCorps Project Supervisor for Hahns Peak in 2019 before transitioning to the Projects Manager for the Rocky Mountain Region in January 2020. She loves the challenges that old buildings provide and especially enjoys the creative problem solving that happens in the field. Sarah studied at Duke University and has a BS in Mathematics from Portland State University. Free time finds Sarah road biking, rock climbing, hiking, and backpacking. Sarah is based at HistoriCorps’ headquarters in Morrison, CO.

Charlotte Helmer
Charlotte HelmerProject Manager & Architectural Historian

Charlotte brings a passion for collaborative preservation work and particularly enjoys working on rustic sites in backcountry and wilderness settings. To that end, she studied architecture, museums, and outdoor leadership as an undergraduate at Smith College and studied historic preservation as a graduate at the University of Oregon. She previously worked for the Pacific Northwest Preservation Field School, Olympic National Park’s backcountry carpentry program, and HistoriCorps’ field staff. As a Crew Leader and then Project Supervisor, Charlotte co-led numerous HistoriCorps projects in OR, CA, NV, WY, CO, MO, and NY. Today, Charlotte manages projects and also conducts research for our project partners. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and horseback riding near her home in Springfield, Oregon.

Liz Rice
Liz RiceWorkforce Manager

Liz joined the HistoriCorps crew in 2017. She brings a decade of experience in program development and management for both youth and adult volunteer projects and events, often in partnership with public land management agencies. As an AmeriCorps VISTA alumna and Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Liz has a personal understanding of the incredible power volunteers can effect in accomplishing organizational and community goals; and as an experienced traveler and outdoors-lover, she enjoys helping others explore new places and give back to their communities. Her role with HistoriCorps is to recruit, coordinate, and support volunteers on each and every preservation project across the country. Liz is an alumna of Indiana University-Bloomington’s esteemed School of Public and Environmental Affairs and is progressing toward a Masters in Environmental Policy and Management through the University of Denver. She lives in Denver with her partner, cats Quark and Dax, and dog Charlie. A native Hoosier, she is now based at HistoriCorps’ headquarters in Morrison, CO.

Tegan Gudmundson
Tegan GudmundsonFunds & Relationship Manager

Tegan is a long-time resident of Colorado, originally from Vancouver British Columbia. After several years in the event and hospitality industry in many roles, she turned her focus towards non-profits and has been working as a development and fundraising manager for the past two years. She joins HistoriCorps with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Metropolitan State University of Denver. Tegan is an avid outdoor adventurer, movie and music lover and in her off time she is hiking through the Rockies or going to concerts. “I left the for-profit world to specifically work for group that had a mission to help the world and was related to my biggest life passions; history and the outdoors. Everyone from staff to volunteers have made me feel so welcomed. I am thrilled to join such a wonderful and passionate team and am loving it already.” Tegan is based at HistoriCorps’ headquarters in Morrison, CO.